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while my kids vacation in the netherworld...

[click for bigger image]Some time this afternoon, my kids will be on their way to Boston with my mother, her sister and most of their collective grandchildren. I tend to worry when my kids go away without me. You know how that worry is; it's like a slow-moving car full of horrible ideas that gathers speed until it's an out-of-control semi hurtling off of a cliff.

Oh, I trust my mother implicitly. It's other people I don't trust. I think of highway wrecks and bad weather and sinister roller coasters and, in the ridiculous notions that come to you at 3am, the ghost of the Redcoats taking hold of the kids while they are on some historic tour.

They'll be gone most of the week and then they'll be home just long enough for me to throw their clothes in the laundry and pack them up once again, and they'll head off for another trip, this time with their father and his girlfriend and her kids, to Toronto.

They are going to make a stop in Syracuse, New York to stroll around the New York State Fair on Friday evening. And this is where that hurtling semi of worry crashes and burns. No, I'm not worried about simple amusement park rides or escaped wild pigs or the way kids have of getting lost in the crowd. It's that poster you see up there.

That's the poster for the New York State Fair. It is obvious from viewing that picture that my ex is taking my kids into the land of Satan, where evil bunny rabbits hide in the bushes and dragons come galloping down the countryside, ready to eat small children like so much cotton candy or toupee wearing cows perch in the cornstalks, waiting to tear babies from their parents while the evil, cross-eyed girl turns their parents into butter sculptures. Oh, you think I'm the only one who sees that? Hell awaits you, State Fair revelers! [more like that here].

Of course, it doesn't help that I am in the midst of reading Black House, with its missing children and cannibalistic creatures that speak in tongues about children hobbling on bloody feet.

This is the curse of the imaginative mind. You can't turn it off at will, nor can you control the dark depths to which that imagination will take you.

I'll be here all week, thank you, telling you about my nightmares and fretting the lack of text messages from my daughter.


It looks like she in gonna

You read the Talisman first, right?

That fair poster is gonna give me nightmares.

Maternal worry is to be expected even over innocuous journeys but I hafta admit, that is one seriously sinister looking bunny...

Being just a simple Californian, I gotta say, that poster creeps me out.

I'm quite, quite sure that girl is Rachel Corrie.

Be very afraid.

Hurray for coming to Toronto!!
We could use the visits from out-of-towners...

thanks be to those who come despite the medias over dramatization of events.
come see us, and we'll come see you!

Nah, I've been to the fair tons of times... it's a good time, much fun with many things to do (and buy) and way too much tasty food that you can only get there (not good for dieters, in other words). That poster does look kinda evil, but the fair isn't. :)

I would've liked it to be a little more clear that the netherworld to which the title refers is the state fair, not the city of Boston.

I actually saw a poster for that fair on my way across upstate, somewhere near Utica. It's much much more frightening as a full page at 600dpi.

It reminded me of the movie "Something Wicked This Way Comes".