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it's not instant, but it's gonna get ya


John Geoghan, a defrocked Roman Catholic priest and convicted child molester, died Saturday after he was assaulted in prison, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections told CNN.

John Geoghan:

Defrocked priest
130 alleged victims
Serial molester whose exploits go as far back as 1962
Protected by the church
A product of Cardinal Law's corruption.




"Hell is paved with the skulls of priests."
-St. John Chrysostom

The "short eyes" are always a target in prison.They are on the bottom rung.Kay Sarah,Kay Sarah

It's "the feel good story of the summer", unless Kathy Boudin manages to get shivved in the next few weeks.

"Luise Dittrich, communications director of Voice of the Faithful, a support group of lay Catholics for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy, said Geoghan's death will not make life easier for his victims.

"It's a very sordid end to a very sordid story," Dittrich said. "It's our feeling that a violent act like this does a lot of negative things to the psyche of survivors who are trying to heal and trying to come to peace with what has happened to them. Any kind of violence like this will just stir up pain all over again."

She added, "It's just hideous all around."


I don't take any joy in his death, but I feel absolutely no sadness or sympathy. I do, however, hope that he felt at least a fraction of the dread and fear that his victims experienced.

This will be blamed on Bush, even though it was in a state prison facility.

Even the deaths in France are his fault.

Darleen, if they can tie the death of this sick bastard to Bush, I'll be more convinced than ever to vote for him next year. :)

This end was too easy for this scum. He should have been buggered with broken glass.

(mrbruce, sorry to nit pick, but the expression is "Que sera, sera.")

Yeah, wonder if anyone warned him what happens to pederasts in prison? Oh well, got to say I gave a short cheer when I heard this. It would have been better if he were fried or quartered but at least he is no longer around.

Do we know that he was killed because he was a pederast? What if he was killed because he hit on another prisoner? What if he was killed because he refused the advances of another prisoner? Or simply because he was the wrong skin color? Or because he would not give another prisoner his lunch money? Or because he had threatened to rat out another prisoner?

(Actually, you could make a karmic case in a few of those situations, too.)

At this point, however much you want to dance on his grave (if you do, let me know and I'll bring my alto recorder), it is premature to conclude he was offed because of his crime. And doing so in absence of evidence is a disservice to any other pederasts' victims. 'Cause other pederasts are gonna use that to get suspended sentences.

While it's great that another death lets all the Cheerleaders of Death (COD) do their glee dance, I feel compelled to be a spolisport and again point out this quote from the linked article:

"Luise Dittrich, communications director of Voice of the Faithful, a support group of lay Catholics for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy, said Geoghan's death will not make life easier for his victims."

What Geoghan did in life was horrible and grotesque, and his death was ugly and sordid. I don't see any reason for joy in any of this.

Samuel Tai:

Don't worry, he's getting worse now. Being the Devil's butt-boy can't be fun, esp. for an eternity.

Nary a tear down here on the poorfarm.He did what he did and then he got what he got. Mark, other pederasts will not be given suspended sentences over this. Pederasts are tried in State Courts. It's Federal Judges that are appointed for life and completely unaccountable. If a State Court Judge handed down a suspended sentence to somebody like Geoghan he'd be back to passing out business cards around emergency rooms and jails in a New York minute.
I am unhappy about one thing, that his death took so long. He should have been killed in prison after the FIRST child he raped.

Hmmm - isn't this the same basic point about the UN being bombed that got you so upset earlier?

Kind of funny that you seem to approve of it when the target is someone or something you personally disapprove of...

You don't see me popping champagne corks, do you? I only talk about Karma.