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birthday goodies!

Thank you so much to Rob and Joy for the very thoughtful birthday gift, the DVD of Singles. We are going to watch it tonight, so tomorrow I will be running around saying things like "A compliment for us is a compliment for you!" I adore this movie and I adore both Rob and Joy. And Noah! Thank you so much.

And another package! This one from Jonno, the man I love like the Italian goomba brother I never had but always wanted. Steam Punk: Manimatron by Joe Kelly will be read after Singles is over, out on the porch with the stars and the moonligh and Mars and a rum and coke. Thank you, Jonno!


Is it your birthday? Happy birthday Michele!

(Disclaimer: Birthday wish may also be used in the event said birthday is not quite yet or has passed.)

Singles was one of our very first dates... We still quote the, "Is it blue? Let's hold it up against something white to be sure..." line.

Happy fucking birthday dude! May all your birthdays yield such a bounty of drunkeness and stuff. Mmmm. Drunkenness and stuff. Ahalahlahlahlahal...

(And everyone needs a goombah brother. Or a paisan godfather. The imperative part being you have plenty of Italians in your life that haven't wound up like Santino on the turnpike. Salut!)

Happy Birthday!

We went camping this weekend and Mars came along too. It put the other lights in the sky to shame.

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