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another legend gone

Well, damn.

For those who don't remember Bobby Bonds, think Rickey Henderson without the attitude. Speed, power and class. That was Bonds.

Bonds was employed by the San Fransisco Giants when he passed away today, at the age of 57. It was his 23rd season working for the team he started out with.

Career totals for Bobby Bonds [Giants, Yankees, Angels, White Sox, Rangers Indians, Cardinals, Cubs]:

Games:1849 Hits:1886 Home Runs:332 RBIs:1024 Stolen Bases:461 Batting Average:.268 Sons who are home run kings: 1


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Somehow that number of hits seems low. Fewer than 1000?

Even though he played for the hated Giants, he was a marvel to watch in his prime.

For the other nit-pickers, it's a typo...1,886 hits per Baseball-reference.com.

I fixed it, Mr. TypoFinder.

Sheeat. :(

Sorry, Michele. ;)

Aside from the fact that he played for the GI-ants, and was therefore devilspawn, he was a class act (too bad his kid didn't inherit that talent, too).