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today's blogging lesson

It is imperative to take your posts off of "draft" position if you want anyone to actually read them, or you will sit around all day checking your email for comments and wondering why no one has anything to say about that post you wrote at 7am.

Class dismissed.


Damned infernal machines do exactly what ya tell them to. Ain't that a bitch? Who expects that?

LOL! Been there, done that! ;)

It's much worse when you have published and no one has anything to say. ;)

I resemble that remark.

Isn't there somewhere where you can set the default to post? I have not found it yet but I am so lazy I haven't looked.

Yes, I always have it set to post by default. But I put in on draft while I was composing because I tend to stupidly close windows by mistake and thus lose posts.

When I first converted my blog to MT I was soooo confused until I figured out that little Publish/Draft thing. I couldn't figure out why stuff was in my editing menu but not on my blog itself.

Starhawk: It's in the "config" menu. I think Under "Preferences" somewhere.