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yo ho ho

[via Blue Green Egg]

A classroom lesson on pirates yields the following observation:

Pirates were big mean guys on a ship that sailed the big blue wet thing.
(That might mean the Caribbean Sea.)
Pirates can get really fussy when it comes to drinking rum.
Heck, thats there main drink.
Drink too much rum and you get very fat.
So don't drink too much rum you pirates.

And they say our kids aren't learning anything these days.


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I have no idea why this popped into my head:

[Martin Mull]Men Men Men Men...Men Men Men Men [/Martin Mull}

I guess we'll be seeing more and more pirate-related posts across the 'net, leading up to September 19th, right?

I like Georgia's entry:

Pirates are nasty.
Pirates are mean.
They never say please.

Why can't she be New Jersey's poet laureate?

I found this link a while ago:

Whats my pirate name?

Arrrgh, I be a pirate's pirate; even me parrot's got a wooden leg.