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the cheering enemy

[via Kathy K]

Let us once again remind ourselves what we are up against in our battle vs. those who have declared jihad against the United States and its allies.

Here is the homepage for Al Muhajioroun UK, a group which proclaims itself to be the voice, the eyes and the ears of the Muslims.

They are holding a conference on September 11, 2003: The Magnificent 19 That Divided The World on September 11th.

Basically, it is a celebration of 9/11. From the official press release:

Almost two years on from September the 11th 2001 the world embraces itself for another anniversary. Many Muslims worldwide will be celebrating the comeuppance of the USA in what they see as retribution for the atrocities that the US has committed, and indeed continues to commit, against Muslims. Afghanistan and Iraq being the most recent examples.

The release then goes on to explain how important it is to make sure the world converts to the Muslim relgion:

..[T]he call for the return of the Khilafah system, of ruling solely by the Shari'ah, can be heard. The hatred towards the US and UK, and their evil plans to crush Islam and Muslims, and to force a washed-down version of Islam on Muslims, similar to Christianity, has backfired, and instead, more and more Muslims are queuing up to fight Jihad and are willing to die to see the domination of divine law over man made law.

They praise recent acts of terrorism and wear the badge of hatred for America and its allies proudly. They are fighting a war and their main weapon is martyrdom:

...[W]e see how a comparatively tiny army, with rudimentary weapons, have imposed such heavy casualties and losses on the alliances of Shaytaan in these areas. How, armed mainly with their Tawheed, Imaan and Tawakkul, the Mujahideen have brought dignity and honour back to the Muslims worldwide and how they have revitalized the Passion for Jihad.

Dignity and honor. Any religon that can find dignity and honor in the murder of innocent people is a fraud. To be overjoyed when people die, to perpetuate the notion that killing is good and you will be rewarded by the Great and Powerful American-Hating God upon your bloody, self-inflicted demise seems almost too absurd to be true.

Yet it is true. In the 21st century, there are still people who believe that hatred is a virtue, that murder is a gift to their god, that the death of thousands is a cause for celebration.

So what will the followers of this jihad, this disgusting offshoot of a religion, be doing on September 11, 2003?

Two years on then, it seems that during their customary 1 minutes silence in NewYork and elsewhere on September the 11th 2003, Muslims worldwide will again be watching replays of the collapse of the Twin Towers, praying to Allah (SWT) to grant those magnificent 19, Paradise. They will also be praying for the reverberations to continue until the eradication of all man-made law and the implementation of divine law in the form of the Khilafah - carrying the message of Islam to the world and striving for Izhar ud-Deen i.e. the total domination of the world by Islam.

Is this enough of a reminder of who our enemy is? Our enemy is not George Bush, not capitalism, not our own way of life. Our enemy has made itself known. To think otherwise is naive and foolish.

But hey, let's go hold their hands and try to understand them, ok?



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The kind of clarity required to deal with this new war, and the new defenses it will force upon us, will not be easily gained. It will require us to unlearn an untruth deeply embedded in our character: the fatuous notion that any creed that calls itself a "religion" therefore automatically deserves tolerance, even respect.

From my reading of Islam's "sacred" texts and the writings of its scholars, I have concluded that authentic Islam is what the Islamofascists proclaim. This explains in part why "moderate" or "liberal" Muslims are unwilling to condemn them or act against them. The moderates truly feel that the authority of God is on the fascists' side. Of course, fear that the fascists will target any moderate who speaks against them plays a part in this, too.

The United States cannot hold out open arms to a force, animated by quasi-religious passion, that seeks to destroy all that makes us what we are. It must recognize Islam itself as an enemy. Islam must be quarantined away from our shores and our people as best we can manage. More, it must be displayed to our young people as a prime example of false religion: a totalitarian creed that masquerades as a religion, but which, instead of presenting a vision of Man's relationship to God and using that vision to articulate a coherent ethos for an individual's conduct in this world, strives for temporal power by which it might impose itself as a shackle around the necks of all men.

Were Christianity to attempt what the devotees of Islam are attempting as we speak, we would not hesitate to condemn it -- and we would know clearly why we did so.

Although it was a few years ago, there was a time when Christianity was just as fascist in its quest to cover the globe. They found just as much support for that action in the Bible as the radical Muslims find today in their Koran. Careful where you cast stones there, Francis.

Okay, I guess the moral of that is, If at any time in the past, no matter how remote or unlike the present, anything with which your position can be linked, however tenuously, has ever done anything like what you're criticizing -- however much you may have to stretch to define "like" -- you have no right to criticize.

No, my point was that almost any action or feeling can be "justified" in the Bible as well. Remember, "The Bible says homosexuality is a sin" (to use a more current reference).

Granted, that is not nearly on the level of "Kill 'em all, let Allah sort 'em out", and my knowledge of the Koran is pretty much nill. I was merely pointing out that she was claiming all Muslims to be evil and their religion should be eradicated because several are finding justification for their Holy War in the Koran seemed to have the air of "Christians would never do such a thing". In reality, they sort of invented it.

My arguement is that she should not judge them majority of Muslims by the fringe any more than Christians should be judged by Pat Robertson.

my knowledge of the Koran is pretty much nill

Perhaps you should make it non-nil before trying to claim the Koran's prescriptions for Muslim conquest are similar to whatever you're imagining the Bible says about Christian conquest. (A non-nil knowledge of the Bible would help as well. So would a non-nil knowledge of how Christian and Muslim traditions, respectively, interpret these sources in order to find instruction for believers on how to deal with the rest of the world.)

I took great pains not to make my post about the Muslim religion in general, but I guess I didn't spell it out far enough.

the followers of this jihad, this disgusting offshoot of a religion.

Not all Muslims are on a jihad. I also thought the identifying phrase off-shoot of a religion would make it clear that I was not blaming all Muslims.

I refer at one other point to "those that claim jihad" being our enemy, as well as saying that Al Muhajioroun UK is a group which proclaims itself to be the voice, the eyes and the ears of the Muslims. I did not say is the voice, eyes, etc.

Apparently it was too subtle.

My far from nil understanding of the Bible has me believing that we should love and accept our fellow man, and treat them with respect and dignity regardless of who they are. I think that the mainstream Christians will agree with me on that. Yet the KKK will point to and offer alternative interpretations of verses in the very same Bible that they cite as justification for their hatred of Jews and other minorities.

With that in mind, I can see how a similar group could twist the words of the Koran to suit thier needs. There are just too many peaceful Muslims running around to convince me the Koran incites evil. It's a specific interpretation of the Koran by those looking for any way they can to incite evil that does the trick.

Guess what? I don't care if christianity, judaism, hare krishnas, scientologists, or the high poobahs of the 4 headed platapus behave in the manner that the islamocretins do toward anyone not bending to their creed. ANYONE who dresses their kids up like homicide bombers, dips their hands in the blood of justly terminated mass murderers while screaming bloody revenge, and celebrates the mass murder of thousands deserves to be eradicated like the walking cancer they are. I could care less what their sacred texts say. I can't read arabic, or farsi. I can, however, see people bestowing respect on murdering bastards, and screaming for more to take the place of the bloody pothole that just blew himself up, taking a busload of innocent people with him. As long as the islamic hordes act like vermin, they need to be treated as such, end of story. You may say that I'm unfairly lumping moderate muslims with the maniacs. Yes I am, but not unfairly. If the non-insane muslims desire to not be judged as their disco bombing brethren are, then they need to start doing some serious self-policing. Turn the terrorists in to the authorities, teach their kids that murdering ANY people is wrong, and stop dancing in the goddamn streets every time a large group of americans is cut down by explosive laden cowards. Until that never-going-to-happen day, I say that every time we hear of a "conference" such as this one celebrating 9-11 that we add a bit of spice to the shindig via a few tomahawk cruise missiles.

If the non-insane muslims desire to not be judged as their disco bombing brethren are, then they need to start doing some serious self-policing.

Like the Catholics do.

Bill beat me to the punch by a matter of minutes. I too believe that, while not all Muslims are "bad", far too many condone the actions of the terrorist element by not making any dissenting comments.

There were times throughout history when "western" religious fanatics did the same things, with the tacit support of their non-participating brethren. However, those mistakes of history were subsequently admitted (with appropriate acts of contrition). No such admission has ever come from the Muslims. This is what disturbs me most.

Actually, our enemy IS George Bush... but it's also crazy people like this. Come to think of it, they're both sorta crazy, both extremists pushing a religious agenda... they do have something in common. Destruction from without or from within? They're both pretty awful, though at least with Bush's variety, people don't die in such large, horrific, violent ways.

To a_different_Bill:
Please read http://www.wehaitians.com/the%20philosopher%20of%20islamic%20terror.html

Don't worry - it's not a hate screed against Islam, but it does explain a lot.

Very, very interesting article. Thanks for the link. I wish I had waited to read it, one cup of coffee wasn't enough and it ended up giving me a headache, but it's got my mind working this morning.
I think the author makes a wrong assumption in the roots of Al Qaeda not being in poverty and I also thing Qutb was mistaken about human nature, but my head hurts too much to write about that now.

Catholics are already putting alot less in those collection plates because of the pedophile issues, and as for IRA bombings, I agree wholeheartedly that they need to knock that crap down. The orangemen need to stop their crap as well. Anyway, it's interesting how as soon as I take a stand on the muslims needing to self-police, people fall all over themselves changing the subject to a different group. If this post had been about a group of irish catholics having a party celebrating the bombing of a london pub I'd be bitching about them. Last time I looked, however, instances of catholic cardinals on CNN blabbing about how if England gave full independence to Ireland and everyone converted to catholocism the bombing would have never happened, and that there is no room for a protestant state in the isle of eire were non-existant. Replace catholic with islam, protestant with jewish, and ireland with the middle east and you have the script for the vast majority of what islamic clerics spout every time they get on the news after a terrorist attack. Unless it's on an arabic news channel, then it's usually another round of martyr praising and calls for more bomb-belted volunteers.
On a side note, don't you guys think it's hilarious when liberal women support a culture that would happily stone their asses to death?

No, the subject never changed. It has consitantly been about pointing the finger(s) sqarely at the target(s) of blame. The IRA was wrong for every bomb they set off, but the Irish are not bad people. John Geoghan was wrong for every child he molested, but Catholics are not bad people. Osama bin Laden is wrong for every act of terrorism performed by Al Qaeda, but Muslims are not bad people. Saddam Hussein was brutal, but Iraqis are not bad people. The Klan are a bunch of dumbasses, but southerners are not bad people. Are you following the pattern?

Look, on my voter registration card it says Republican, don't judge me by Pat Robertson. I promise not to judge you by Sinn Fein in return. And let's not judge Akbar at the KwikeeMart by Osama. Deal?

I think that lumping all Muslims together, and all Christians together each in an undifferentiated mass is what allows the black and white hatreds to overwhelm reason. Those hatreds overwhelm even self-preservation.

The hatred allows people to paint others as "Them" who are different, evil, and sub-human which gives them permission to blow up a bus with "Them's" children aboard.

I didn't see any "lumping together"; in fact, what I saw was X group, that is a subset of a larger group, is proposing these actions. The rest of the larger group is not condemning the actions. Is there any part of that which is not true?

Point Made much better than my rambling rants, thank you Jon.

Islam, is no more intolerant than other religions
of its time. I am a Muslim and take my word for it when i say that Al Q and other such groups are using the Quran for thier own morbid drug infused