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superstars of the 70's!

I found it!

I have been searching for proof of the existence of this album for years. Unfortunately, it's not available. But I least my treasure hunt is complete.

My cousin Stan gave me Superstars of the 70's for Christmas when I was 11 or 12. Stan wanted me to hear bands like The Kinks and The Rolling Stones.

Instead, I played Paranoid over and over until my mother told me she would break the record if I played it one more time.

I felt cheated when I realized later on that Roundabout and Whole Lotta Love were entirely misrepresented on this album, as they were the shortened radio-edit versions.

I remember exactly which songs I skipped and which I played. I know precisely which songs I played on repeat, meaning I would pick up the needle and plop it down on the deep, black edge of the song to start again.

I know that at some point a skip developed halway through Doctor My Eyes, and to this day I still sing it with that Doc..Doc..Doc.. hiccup. The album cover was blue with a rocketship that had flames coming out of the end and the song names were written in the flames.

I would give anything (well almost anything) to have a copy of this album again. It will be my birthday present to myself and I will spend every waking moment between now and Monday scouring garage sales and auction sites and used record stores until I find this.

And then I'll remember that I don't have a turntable but that doesn't matter, because I can play the album in my head from memory.


I can not believe you do not have a turntable JUSTIN CASE....I am appalled. I have fought with my Joe for years with his desire to remove ours from it's stack position and I win hands down every time. Justin Case...........
5 cent vinyl is a dime a dozen and you just never know what you'll come across on a Saturday am with a dollar to burn in your pocket! I have BUTTLOADS of albums that I'd never pay full price for that are in our collection...
I bemember a 45 on my little player as a 5 year old audiophile that went "John F. Ken-ne-dy, What a remarkable Young Man Was He, at age forty-three, was elected to the president-cy, his father- his father- his father-his father-his father..........."
I'd kill for that 45 right now, skip and all:)

For me, that all-important record was the "Times Square" soundtrack.


Keep an eye on eBay....eventually someone somewhere will be selling it.

Michelle (and everybody):
Go to http://www.gemm.com , and put "Superstars of the 70s" into the search box.
I just did so, and got 5 listings.
If you want the LP, be prepared for Sticker Shock, as Sweet Memories (in the U.K.) wants $49.50, plus shipping (etc) for it.....
There is a CD listed, for $4.99, however!

Funny that you mention hearing "the skip" when you are singing along. I am still surprised when I hear "I Got You" by Split Enz playing, and it DOESN'T SKIP where I heard the familiar skip many a time on my old laser-etched vinyl copy.

I actually have this, although the defect in my copy is in the Bee Gees' "Lonely Days", and of course it's suffered the usual vinyl deterioration, owing to the fact that I didn't get any really good playback equipment until 1975 or so.

(Aside to David Strain: I did get the soundtrack to Times Square. Where the hell is D. L. Byron, anyway?)

Who did Paranoid?

Black Sabbath, anticipating blogs by more than thirty years.

Thanks, CGHill.

The oddest thing about the old K-Tel and Ronco albums was how they shortened the songs to fit more onto the album. If you do find it, listen very closely.

I had a couple of those in the 70s. One cut out the last verse of Crocodile Rock, most of them just took chunks out of the instrumental portions and lopped off the ends. And this may just be my lack of rhythm, but I could swear that they also sometimes cut out like one note of every other bar.

Even if you find it, it will never be the same. The skips and scratches will be in entirely different places.

Michele, try the attic. I still have my crates of albums up there and I think that one is with them!

I own a copy of the album you are looking for Superstars of The 70s.Its an old lp and have owned it for over 30 years.I can look at who made it it was agreat album.

I own the album Superstars of the 70s. It is actually a 4 album set and my copy is in fairly decent condition although a bit scratchy in parts. I do not plan to part with it though as I have a turntable and will continue to play it. However, I can convert the songs to mp3 (scratches and all) if you want. Write me and let me know.

I found that four album set at the goodwill for 75 cents about 8 months ago. its in great condition as well. definetly a good collection of songs, but i own most of the albums of the songs from that collection on the lp