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random thought for the evening

I am in love with Hal Sparks.

A deep, stalkerish, obsessive sort of love. The most delicious kind.

Does anyone know his address?


Ask Treacher.

(I'm kidding, I know it wasn't him)

Where can I write to the actors, producers and writers of Queer As Folk?.
All correspondence can be addressed to the appropriate person as follows:

C/O Showtime Networks Inc.
1633 Broadway, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10019


No, no. I want his home address so I can stalk him and go through his garbage and use my high-powered binoculars and...

Oh. Can't help you there.

I've been replaced? :(


Nobody can slap my ass like you do, Andy. Not even Hal Sparks.

That page had a copyright date in 2001. He is probably dead, the old fucker. I mean how many of those old creeps from 2001 are still left around anyway, that is like so ancient. sorry, I was channelling something from outer space or something ... just ignore me, everyone else does.*

*I am not a troll, I promise.

So, Michele, explain to me why my hand is absolutely ass-free right now...

I THOUGHT SO! I've been replaced!

Michele, it would be unethical for me to give you his address. However...

I can tell you that he lives in the greater Los Angeles area, seems to have a pool in his backyard (not the biggest one on the block), and he's got a wonderful view of an old Southern Pacific rail spur. He's also about a block away from one of those flash flood channels they have in southern California.

Here's the scary part: I know all of this after five minutes or so on the Internet, without spending a penny, and it's not because he's a celebrity.

Got Privacy?

Does melly know about this?

you're all wrong!

hal sparks is living at my house. he's tied up down in my basement, and i go down there twice a day to feed him, poke him with sticks, and force him to say funny things to me. i am trying to work my husband into going down there so i can watch hal kiss him.

and no, you can't come over! :P

how'd you find out all that stuff about where he lives? i can only find sites where i have to pay