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"wholly without merit"

Memo to Bill O'Reilly:

Please shut up now.


Boo-yeah. Now that the American legal system has shown Fox their collective finger, I can stop yelling "Fuck you, Fox" at the TV every time I hear the phrase "Fair and Balanced".

How can the legal system not recognize that Fox is light skinned and not askew?

Fair and balanced, right up their a#$.

I like Fox News and O'Reilly. You people suck.

PiscusFiche: FoxNews never claimed a trademark right in the phrase "Fuck You, Fox." If that's how you feel about the network, you didn't have to wait for this ruling to say it.

And yet a judge refuses to throw out a case in which Spike Lee claims that Spike TV is trying to hijack his "name."

Our legal system makes no sense.

Funny, I had no plan to buy Franken's book before. Now, I sorta want to, even though I know some of it's bound to be psycho-liberal bullshit.

Frank J.

I, too, enjoy Fox and O'Reilly although I can't watch and listen to Greta Van S. because I get distracted by whatever it is that's wrong with the left side of her face.

However, I don't confuse Fox with a news channel, and I hope you don't either.

There is no such thing as unbiased TV news in the US (or the world for that matter)...get over it. Fox's case was very stupid and probably helped Franken sell books. I do hope that arsehole O'Reily does something stupid (or has done) enough to get him booted from Fox. He lowers the tone of the whole network.

I saw a news report today. The publisher ordered another 90,000 books for the press run.

That's pretty damned good, considering Al Franken isn't nearly as hot as, say, Rush Limbaugh.

Think I'll get the book from my library and see what he has to say.