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Get your blog war on!

I feel that those who have taken Instapundit's side in his war against Frank have not done enough to show their support. So I am taking matters into my own hands.


Read the whole thing below.



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You Instapundit (or "White Glenn" to us Alliance members) better hunker down and get grim. Frank has now brought in us ghetto-fightin', pit-dwellin', gangsta-slappin' bloggers like yours truly into the fold. And things are about to start stinkin' and boiling!

Der Professor über alles!!

Sieg heil!

This will be extra funny once you and your beloved Instapundit is destroyed! Muh ha ha ha!

I'm a comics fan, so I enjoyed this strip, and some of Frank J.'s posts have been hilarious. (My favorite was the line that Instapundit was the shortened form of InStalin'sNameIAmAPundit.) But I think it's starting to get a bit stale now. Perhaps if Frank J. were half as clever in the general content of his site as he is in begging for attention from Instapundit, more people would visit his site on their own. Frankly...er, that is, candidly, I've stopped following Instapundit's links to IMAO. The joke is old.

My dog hates He Who Blends Puppies, but Frank has in the past cast aspersions on her qualifications for the role of Chomps. Therefore, Rambo, Yorkie o' Death is observing the ancient Swiss traditions of strict neutrality and mercenary service.

Let the bidding begin.

All your blogs are belong to us.

I get three thousand unique visitors per day, and that perhaps doubles with an Instapundit link. The opinion of one of you measly "hits" who doesn't have a blog himself is of no importance to me. Soon there will be no Instapundit links for you to follow at all! Then what, Danny? Then what?

At least Frank is amusing - Instapundit is simply silly.

I'm still waiting for my bribe. Glenn? Frank?

Them thar words, blow yer tootin' horn is fightin' werds. Ya har?
Down in Glenn and Dale
twer Frank n J
S'up he siad on his wey doon
to blend yorkies n roses.
Ev won hims membled
or' thet terble main who
fereve' quotes 'indeed'.

Remember folks, this is all in good fun. The danger is that the "minions" will get over zealous.

Remember, puppy blending is only a crime if someone has pictures.

Ok, bad example.

I must agree - I was a huge Frank J. fan, though he's wearing thin with the instapundit thing. It should be dropped and he should get back to writing like he used to.. to me the funny-value has seemed to drop considerably lately.

<Wicked Witch of the Blogosphere>


</Wicked Witch of the Blogosphere>

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