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bedside movie review: Final Destination 2

I'm not sure if the ending was supposed to be scary, but I laughed so hard I started choking.

As for the rest of the movie, I suppose if you're stuck in the house and there's crap on tv and you just took some NyQuil combined with Motrin and you haven't eaten in three days or slept well in four nights and your mind is in the space that exists between brain dead and comatose, FD2 might provide some weak-smiled moments, most likely in the all the places where you aren't supposed to smile at all.


I thought the first film was much, much better. Bah, sequels.

The first one is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. The DVD is especially good, as the extras are hilarious. They have a long section about the test screenings they did before the movie was released, the comments they received, and the changes that they made because of it.

The second one was better than I expected, too.

Right you are Michele. Me and the missuz pratically fell off the couch on the last scene. Funny thing is that all of by friends said the same thing...

Thanks for that. I was actually planning on watching it on Pay Per View tonight just for the hell of it. That's $3.99 saved.

Another advantage of the DVD version of the first one, is that it had the alternate ending which was much better than the "changed" ending

Motrin, Nyquil, no food for three days, little sleep...

Just add lots of coffee, grapefruit juice, and two packs of cigarettes a day, and you have my diet plan!

Lost 8 pounds so far! Hoo Hoooo!

Screw Atkins! feeeeeel the (heart)burn...

I think both FD movies were supposed to be long existential sick jokes, not actual horror. At least that was the way I received them. And the last scene was dag-nigh hilarious!

FD2 has a morbidly impressive car crash but beyond that, if you've seen the first film, you've seen this one. And since by the end of this one the film makers were parodying themselves, there's unlikely to be a third.

I thought the first movie was one of the stupidest, ill-conceived, moronic films every. I couldn't believe they made a sequel.