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disease of the week

Conversation with my friend Barbara, who had the same virus (human, not computer) as me:

Me: It's just a mix of really weird symptoms.
B: I think it attacked every part of my body.
Me: What do you suppose it is? I bet it's some kind of terrorism!
B: Bio-chemical, I bet.
Me: Oh no, I have anthrax!
B: Anthrax? You couldn't come up with something newer than that?
Me: Hey, I'm an old school kinda girl.
B: I'm almost embarassed for you for saying that. It's so last year.
Me: Well, at least I didn't say Mad Cow. Maybe it's Monkeypox.
B: SARS...
Me: SARS is passť.
B: West Nile.
Me: Now there's a disease that never goes out of fashion.

Sad thing is, most of our conversations are like that.


It could be that virus from "28 Days".

Now she's gonna really hurt me.

I hear Malaria is going around again... Feel better!

LOL! A coworker of mine asked if I'd ruled out SARS. I said, "No, so come here so I can cough on you!"

It's your conscience taking its toll on your body for aligning with White Glenn, the Puppy Blender

Michele, al Jazeera just relesed a transcript of an audio cassette they received:

In the name of Allah the impotent
we defy the dogs and pigs of the United States and of Long Island. The illness that even now claims the strength of the one called Michele is our work, As we speak, the tools of Islam are turning her organs to phelgm, holy phelgm, Allah is Great! Her heaving unrestrained boobage is falling to the glorious work of our trusted and loyal agents of Allah! We will lay her prostrate on her sofa and teach her the befoulment of Zionist monkey people. We will lay her as she has never been laid before, Allah is merciful!

Not sure which faction released this, but I thought you should know. Get well soon, dear.

SARS. West Nile. Mad cow. Monkeypox. All passing fads. The classics never go out of style.

A favorite up here in the northwoods (a few hours west of the frozen tundra) would be CWD. Of course you'd have to be a deer to get that. Or you could be the very first person to get it.

Yeah that's it! You're a trendsetter!

If you really want old school, there's always the Black Plague.

Michele-advice from a diabetic. I avoid prescription drugs so that they work when I really need them. I use other items to assist when I'm suffering a minor affliction. Garlic (as fresh as you can stand), onions, cinnamon, nutmeg, crystallized ginger (sweet!), horseradish and any pepper of the HOT variety. Not only do these provide essential nutrients when ill, but hey have antibiotic and anti-viral qualities. Garlic kills 99.9% of all bacteria. It works similarly after ingestion. Hope you're better.