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it's starting to stink around this place

Home with this nasty virus today and catching up on my blog reading and was rather taken aback by some posts.

I have this problem with bloggers of a certain political persuasion being lumped together as if they were all of one mind. We are not identical twins or triplets or quadhundreds. While we each may lean this way or that, it does not mean we are tied at the brain to each other or that our ideologies run neck and neck around the length of the global wars on terror.

I am seriously going to start distancing myself from certain rabid factions of the blogosphere.


yeah, i've gotten about a billion emails with those damned viruses, but i still came in to work, ya slacker!

oh wait, you meant like, a real virus, huh. hope ya feel better soon!

Michele, what exactly do you mean? This comment was very vague, well to me at least. Though i guess if I don't get it i wasn't meant to hehe

And yes, i do hope you feel better sweetie. Drink plenty of fluids, and have your family wait on you hand and foot when they get home :)

this POST was very vague, not comment hehe sorry hehe

Uh oh. Is that the sound of a distant shit storm?

To figure out how far from you it is, you count the seconds between e-mails, "One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi..."


Hm, it's very convienent to get "sick" and have to stay home the week your net access at work gets cut off. I kid, I kid.

I agree with the political comment, pigeonholing people isn't very productive to conversations.

Extremism, in opposition to terrorists, is no vice.

Why don't you tell us which posts bothered you so much?

But.. but without pigeon holes we couldn't practice bigotry and segregation.

"I'm not a bigot! I hate bigots! I think they should all go back to Bigotland where they came from!"

- Mad Magazine's satire of The French Connection. Many years ago. Many many.

I did that myself. In fact, I've been avoiding political issues for the most part unless something gets under my skin pretty far. My traffic went up after that too. So many people do politics well that my shitty commentary paled next to it. By the way, I noticed you have not stopped by and said hello at SKANKFEST '03. All the cool girls are there and you're notably absent.

Dude, name names. The list of self-important blowhards who piss me off grows daily, I'm happy to add a few more at your recommendation.

Geeze, how much further away from Oliver can you get? ;-)

yeah, i'm with seki. spill it.

um. unless it's me, i mean.

Extremism, in opposition to terrorists, is no vice.

So if the government opted to repeal the first, second, and fourth amendments, in order to better fight terrorism, that would be a good thing?

Let's not misuse Goldwater's best line. There are plenty of things worse than terrorism, and losing our liberty is one of those things.

You misunderstand me, Dan. I think Michelle is upset (I'm guessing) about the "Nuke the goddamn Palestinians" crowd. I like those kinds of extremists.

I don't think Michelle was upset about a "suspend habeas corpus" movement in the blogosphere. If I misunderstand her, then I agree with you.

Wrong answer. Have you actually read my posts on Palestinians, Spoons? If you had, then you would know that I fully support the nuke the palestinians movement, to a degree.

What`s this about rabbit fractions?


My point was simply that "extremism in opposition to terrorists" can very easily be a vice. I'm not sure which extremists Michele's upset with, but even if they're on "our" side in this war it is perfectly possible that they're evil scumbags, or at least just Moore-level asshats.

Excellent example: Ann Coulter.

Well, I know it's not my site since I'm about the only blog not on this site's blogroll.

Actually, that makes me feel kind of special.

I know what you mean about extremists but there are times when someone says something so ridiculous that it brings out the best/worst in some of us.