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kiss my robot ass

I'm going back to the couch to feel sorry for my virus infested self. Why doesn't someone make a anti-virus program for the human body? Norton's For Humans v.1.0. It would be a big seller, I bet.

Don't forget about the worst album post - I'm going to be using the Design Your Own Hell program to narrow down the contestants so you can vote on the finalists.

One question before I go: Futurama has won an emmy every year since 1999. So why did Fox cancel it instead of finding a better timeslot for the show. Yes, the obvious answer is because they are idiots, but I'm sure there is some other explanation.

UPDATE: Go cast your vote for Jim's Juxebox From Hell. Thanks, Matt.


There is a better explanation. They hate me. They've taken away so many of my favorites, but I hang around and take the abuse in hopes of the rare crumbs.

It's "bite my shiny metal ass". Get it right. Geez. That's worse than messing up a Zim quote. (Don't know who'd have done THAT before...)

Must be the drugs.

"Full price for gum? That dog won't hunt, Monsignor!"-- Fry, last night's episode

Programs that win emmies often get cancelled. Moonlighting, The Dennis Miller Show, and Caroline in the City all come to mind.

As always, it's about ratings, and I'm afraid Futurama seems to have been viewed as a show for a certain geek-segment that wasn't worth enough money.

Too bad, as I loved it too.

At least we still have South Park.

I'm sure there is some other explanation.

No, "because they are idiots" pretty much covers it.

There really is no better explanation. Whenever they come up with an actually decent show (Futurama, The Tick, Murder in Small Town X), they end up cancelling it. They're idiots.

As long as they're fair and balanced about it...

ya'll are forgetting the real tragic cancelling. FAMILY GUY. i love futurama but family guy is better.

Futurama was the red-headed stepchild that Fox took out its frustration on because they couldn't touch The Simpsons.

Groening and Fox don't really like each other. Fox could take revenge for all the Simpsons' anti-Fox jokes by smacking Futurama around: pre-empting it for sports, putting it on hiatus, endless re-runs etc.

I think Family Guy just got caught in the crossfire.


Oh yeah, and they are idiots.

At least you can still see both shows. Family Guy and Futurama both air on TBS as well as the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network.

I hated Family Guy. It was like being forced to watch Al Franken.

Futurama was put on too early. I think Ray's right that Fox could whack Futurama around 'cause the Simpson's were too successful.

They are idiots. They tried to clone 'Malcolm in the Middle' with 'Oliver Beene' and that's not working.

I wish I had cable so I could watch 'South Park'.

Don't know how true this is, but, i heard that the show was too expensive to produce (graphically) for the amount of audience it was pulling in.
count me as one of the ones who did not watch the show untill it hit the airwaves on adult swim. way too late to be of much help.

You people need to get Cartoon Network. Adult Swim has those two show and on Sunday nights some really odd but vaguely amusing stuff.

al franken? ok eric, you really need to explain that one to me. HOW is family guy like watching al franken? seriously, cuz right now i'm wondering just what the hell you're on to think there's a comparison.

I'm sure there is some other explanation.

Yes, but they're all subsets of "because they are idiots" -- and collectively they pretty much cover all the subsets.

How about: They are idiots AND they bounced this thing around the schedule like a dog on a trampoline with the neighborhood bullies.

It bounced around because it didn't catch on in any time slot. Sometimes good stuff is not mass-market enough for network TV. So who are the idiots?

They're just taking lessons from the ABC execs. "How to lose all your viewers and end up without anything watchable" 101

Not that I'm bitter about working for an affil or anything...

Futurama was pure gold. I know heaps of fans. It would seem Futurama will get a fair bit out of DVD sales though.

Im surprised that Fox would have anything against Simpsons. I thought the Simpsons jokes' about Fox would all be in good humour? Considering the money Simpsons musta made for them surely they couldn'tve cared?

Family Guy and South Park lower their bars a little too much. I like both (Family Guy is great), but South Park appeals to a lot of people using lame tactics. Family Guy is nothing more than a reference whoring parody. I watch all 4 (Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama & South Park) more than could possibly be healthy, but Futurama has to be my favourite.

I agree that Family Guy is pretty much a reference whoring comedy but come on thats pretty much what makes it funny to me. And who doesn't love Stewie? Family Guy would have to be my favorite amongst the fab four although Futurama comes in a close second.