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maybe i shouldn't have eaten that email

I've come down with something that my doctor has diagnosed as a slow-moving virus. I very rarely go to the doctor, so you can be sure that the symptoms I felt today made me believe that I was suffering from a rare, complicated and potentially fatal disease that would require my admittance into a specialized clinic in a faraway country immediately. I mean, stat!

Apparently it's just some run-of-the-mill virus that happens to have mutant genes and it has taken root in my head, chest, lungs, stomach, back and skin. Yes, even my skin hurts.

Isn't it funny how just the other day I was feeling fit and healthy and coincidentally I came down with a bug about the same time I was planning nasty hijinks against Frank, a/k/a The Man Who Would Defame Glenn Reynolds. I think it's very interesting that I suddenly become stricken with a nasty, perhaps even fatal bug at the same time my email has been assaulted with a nasty bug so soon after Frank himself has come down with some sickness that he probably created himself in a lab just for the purpose of smiting his enemies. I'll get you, Frank. And your little monkey, too!


That's what you get for joining a health club.

Watch out everybody! Michele's on a rampage!

Yes, she is on a rampage. The power went out in my neighborhood this afternoon. Whatever I did, I'm sorry.

I had something similar about two weeks ago. I was beginning to think I'd never feel better. I haven't been that sick in a long time.

Hope your recovery is swifter than mine!

might be West Nile...