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i'll be around

I've arranged for my minions to help me blog today through the use of super encrypted email and double secret logins, should there be anything I have the urgent need to get off my chest or if perhaps I should overhear a great fart joke or want to discuss world views and politics.

I can quit anytime I want. Any. Time. At. All.


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You're my role model for work-blog balance.

Y'know, Michele, the first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem.


But, we don't want Michele realizing she has a problem. We enjoy her "problem".

I guess you could say we're parasites of sorts, feeding off of Michele's addiction and helping to reinforce it...

That's Nice. It's a "free" country, after all.

Well, here's a great fart site:

Create A Fart