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00:16 Witnesses: Hundreds take to streets of Palestinian camp in Lebanon, hand out sweets to celebrate Jerusalem attack.

The terrorist suicide bomber's wife:

Arij Mesk said she was not sad. "God gave Raed something he always dreamed of. All of his life he dreamed of being a martyr," she said. The couple has two children, ages two and three.

Lovely people. Just lovely.

[both links via lgf]

This would be a good time to donate to Magen David Adom if you haven't already. Remember, they don't discriminate. They would just as soon save the life of one of the creatures dancing in celebration at the death of children as they would a child blown out of a bus by a terrorist.


sweets, huh? there's a market waiting to be tapped.

The LGFers are complaining about celebrations of the deaths of innocent people. Of course, it's different when they do it....

That's just sick. I truly do not understand the mindset of people whose goal is to kill as many people as possible while killing themselves. It's just so messed up!

And I didn't have the patience to read the whole LGF thread to find whatever Thlayli was referring to. But... just to offer my observations in general (not this specific instance though obviously) it seems that "celebrations" of moonbat deaths are almost always when it's because they did something stupid, akin to the Darwin Awards. There is a big difference between a culture being genuinely exstatic that innocent people died and thinking it's kinda funny when moonbats get themselves killed.

Just my .02

Pictures worth a thousand words:

Peace, peace, where there is no peace.

Full article.

More religion of peace.

I think Dubya is overdue for a Colin bypass operation.

Koran, HUH! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!