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spam city

Where the hell did all this virus email come from today and what kind of idiot thinks I'm going to open it?


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Indeed. I received seven different virus emails, all with .pif attachments. Perhaps this is the Anti-Worm Worm underway?

Oh yeah. I've gotten the emails with the .pif attachments, and the .scr attachments, and the .exe attachments. Strangely enough I haven't gotten any ever since I 1) changed the email I used on my page, and 2) made it non-linkable. My old emails, which I only access through browser-based programs like Squirrel Mail, still gets boatloads of Spam. Oh, I also use Mozilla's email program to get my main email now. Die, Outlook Express, die. (Outlook itself won't even work properly on my computer, which is fine because I hate that program even more.)

Yeah, same thing happened to me today... all day. :(

Andrea and Michele, we're helping as we can: http://forums.hmdns.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9812

This must be going around I got a ton also.
Not on all my email accounts just the one I use for the blog.

Instapundit is getting these e-mails, too.

Got 5 yesterday myself!!

Tons today, out of nowhere. All with the subject line, "Thank you."

Yeah, there are 2 going around right now, Sobig and Welchia. Both are worms. The same RPC patch to protect for Blaster should secure your system from Welchia, and don't ever open pif attachments which I'm sure you know. My antivirus software's caught like 6 today alone.

I had even more fun. Someone used my e-mail address as a "spoof" address in the reply-to for the spams they were sending out with the virus. So all the ones that bounced back...straight to me...

My wife's organization doesn't have anyone responsible for IT matters, so her boss had to do some virus cleaning up last week.

It all went for naught because one of the secretaries went ahead and opened an attachment from an e-mail and the system got infected again.

He had to stay until 10 pm to get the system clean again.

"Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain."

Frederick Schiller

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me get this straight...

I went to all the fuss and bother to send all of those e-mails to all of you, and you don't even open them?

Party-poopers. How am I supposed to cripple the web and bring civilization to a grinding halt if you won't even open my e-mails? You guys suck.


The Evil Sociopath

Evil Soshe:

What you need to do is use InstaPundit's address and put "I've just posted about you" in the subject line.

I can't say whether it would work on me, since I've never gotten one of those, but it might be worth a try...

I get almost daily emails with attachments that I don't recognise. I would be someone tries to send me at least one virus a day. My ISP does some filtering too and I am getting quite a few reports of emails with viruses therein.

80 fucking virus e-mails today at my work e-mail alone. I think justice would be served by A) Finding the culprit responsible for authoring the virus B) Staking them to the ground with their legs spread wide. C) Finding the one person most adversely affected by the author's nefarious digital doodling and D) allowing that one person to kick the offender in the groin with all the earthly might they can muster.

All televised, of course.