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death be not found here

I'm not ignoring the fact that there was a lot of terrible news today. I just don't feel like writing about it.

Command Post has you covered in those areas. I'm angry and upset over today's events. Guess which event the anger goes with?

Oh, If you're looking for an explanation as to why I no longer have internet access at work, it's too long and boring a story to go into. Bottom line: we weren't supposed to have it to begin with and I most likely won't miss it too much as I'm pretty busy these days.

Besides, my sister can always post for me. Where there's a will there's a way, you know.

Yea, I can stop blogging any time I want to.

Really. I mean it.



i think you need to charge us each a couple bucks and go buy a good pda to post from...

What Tanya said. I think I have 87 cents burning a hole in my bank account. With any luck, you should be able to afford a genuine personalized Mr. Owl calculatory and weblogging machine within years.

You know, I can always do the same (post from "work" for you)...