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still here...

My days of internet access at work are over, which means lots of dead air for this blog on weekdays.

I consoled myself by leaving work and spending $400 at BJ's (think Costco for those who don't know what BJ's is) which is not much consolation at all considering it was mostly food, paper goods and cleaning supplies. I did pick up the Futurama Season 2 DVD, so all is not lost.

And now I have to go to a wake.

You're all gonna leave me now that my blog time is cut in half, aren't you? I promise to make it up to you during the evening hours, I swear...don't go.....hey, wait! Where are you going? Don't go to that blog, it's not half as...

Eh, whatever.


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Well,I always thought you were REALLY fun to visit after I've had a cocktail or two anyway.This could be a good thing.

Just because you won't update as often doesn't mean that the people that enjoy your blog won't visit. I get notification when you update whether or not it has been 1 minute or 1 hour. That's the beauty of a news aggregator. ;)

I will still visit!! How come you have no internet at work :(

Now what will I do when I'm at work?

Awwwww...crap. Wanna come to work for me? The pay sucks, but the 'net access is great.

What Ken asked :) I can't blog at work, so I read those who can. Well, you're three hours ahead of me, so I'll get some good workday reading in at least for a few hours!

Don't worry, I'll still be reading!

You can't get rid of me that easily.


Damn, sucks that you can't blog at work. Mine will cut down drastically tomorrow because of classes.

It will probably work out. Most of us can't read during the day at work anyway.


Those Fascist bastards! Stinking middle manager morons! How dare they interrupt my daily dosage of Michele! Free Michele's words! Let Michele's entries go! Down with techno-dweeb management flunkies! Up with access!

Join hands and sing with me people!

Free Mi~Chele
Let them know it's Blogging time again!

But...! But...!

Don't these people know you have an obligation to your public?


Could you go over that part about what BJ's are again? Slowly. In detail.

Great... Just Great... Now I'm actually gonna have to work during the day.

I thought that's why I pay taxes, GoshDangIt (Kids in the room, otherwise I'd use harsher language)! If a government employee can't run a blog from work, what's next?! I've got a feeling Ashcroft is behind this.

Aw crap, now how am I going to stay regular?

I thought this already happened once before???

Hopefully this change of internet access didn't come as part of a warning to you personally about abusing internet access.


You mentioned losing access a few months ago and Lisa even posted entries for you...but then you were back. Now you've lost access again. Is it permanent?

I'm asking less out of being nosy and more to know if your employer knew you were blogging and had a problem with it.

I hope the DT's from not blogging aren't too severe.

I recently got a really nifty wireless modem (not wi-fi, this one covers the whole city) so I can take my laptop with me to work, which I usually do anyway, and still get on-line. Now I can blog on my breaks without worrying if some manager is going to get on my case.

So what happened? Did work block your site or something?

Can't get rid of me that easy.

You paid $400 for a BJ? Justin must be thrilled!

Haha Michele... You can't get rid of us that easily. =P

We are here to stay. =D

Costco? You mean Price Club? :-)

On the contrary. Some days I just don't have the time to read and digest all of the different stuff that you write about.

I might just be able to keep up with you now that you won't be such a prolific blogger.