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We are experiencing technical difficulties...

Please Stand By.


Actually, Michele's server (at her job) is down. Please check back, and check back often. Your mind may depend on it...

[Posted by Michele's sister Lisa]


Actually Michele's server is not down. Her internet access may be down but her server is humming along as always.

I see. Michele can't read her site, and in her absence, we are left to talk about her "humming" and "going down."

I doubt she would approve. So, pile on while you can.

How can one not approve of going down?

Well, there was that whole "goin' down in the Oval Office" incident, which many people claimed they disapproved of. But all these years later, it's time for guys to fess up. Admit it. When Clinton seemed to be building a case that a blowjob did not qualify as actual sex, even Republican guys were secretly pulling for him.

Of course, it didn't work out, but you ladies will have to forgive us for getting excited at the thought of that kind of Presidential precedent.

I wasn't pulling for C****n. I never pull for another guy, nor do I ever let another guy pull for me. I don't care what the Supreme Court says.

Gals, now. They can pull for me anytime.