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the good, the bad and the smoke-filled lungs

The best cure for the Monday "I want to stab someone in the face" blues is to go to the gym.

I'm telling you, this [joining the gym] is the best thing I ever did. Even though my arms hurt and my abs ache, I'm not just looking better, but feeling better.

Which means it's time for my every-six-months bout of the "I have to quit smoking again" blues.

Here I go again.


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Damn. And there I was thinking about picking up the habit...

Good luck w/the quitting smoking!!! If not for yourself, do it for your children. My father died of lung cancer in 2001 and I can honestly say smoking (and his decision to smoke) cheated my son out of knowing a wonderful man. Good luck!

Actually, quit smoking for yourself more than anyone else. Otherwise you might blame others for your withdrawls. Take it from a 2 pack a day 3 year straight smoker, who has been battling with the emotional and physical addiction to smoking for over 10 years (start, quit, start, quit, start, quit...). Thankfully I never got back to that 2 pack a day habit.

Also, think of all the smells and tastes that you are missing right now, and look forward to missing the "lack of smokes" anxiety. =) I personally love smoking, but I just can't do it any more (it's been 6 months since I bought a pack, and 2 months since I had a smoke). Too many other things to think about, and do, and spend money on. Like my daughter.

Good luck!

Well this is the reason I've never even taken a puff off a single cigarette. We lost my grandpa to heart related problems and emphysema from smoking when he was just 45. Yep, 45. I'm much too close to that age for comfort these days. It's just not worth it. You know I'm here if you need me, and will volunteer Todd if you need to punch something... Good luck!

Stop your whining and quit the damn cigarettes already. Got it? And if you don't quit, I'll be forced to stab you in the face with a spork...heheh...

Thanks for your loving, emotional support, sis.

Does this mean you're not going to stab anyone in the face? I was making a list...

You mean you weren't successful a few months back. All that advice wasted.

Take heart, there are many other things you can be addicted to that have less noxious characteristics than smoking.

I myself am addicted to Pepsi One - virtually no known side effects. Of course I'll probably start growing a third arm one of these days, but in the meantime no wheezing, no smelly clothes and no ashes flying everywhere...

Studies have demonstrated that smokers who exercise live longer healthier lives than non-smokers who don't.

Just thought I would mention that.


Did you know that smoking has been linked to increased wrinkle formation, especially in women?

Just so you know.

I smoked for roughly 15 years. After a trip to the VA Hospital in Indianapolis to see my father just after his cancer surgery, I quit cold turkey the day I got home. It wasn't lung cancer he had, but the complications caused from his years of smoking extended his stay in the hospital from 7-10 days to 9 weeks! While laying in his bed, he started coughing because all the crap in his lungs was loosening up from not having a smoke since he went in the hospital. He got to coughing so hard he split open his surgery site in his abdomen. He ended up having to be chemically paralyzed (coma-like state to where he couldn't move) to prevent the same thing from happening again. If you could have seen the stuff they were sucking out of his lungs while he was knocked out, you would never pick up a cigarette again.

Good luck.

You o realize that every time someone quits, the price of my tobacco goes up a bit?

But do it this time. I'm an asocial (not antisocial) old so-and-so who doesn't much mind the fog in the living room.

The day you find yourself smoking ON THE WAY to the gym, and you step back and say WTF am I doing? ... that's the day you can seriously consider quitting. Worked for me.

Jeeze Michele, you've quit smoking almost as often as I have. Good luck this time!

If you dont quit smoking, I wont watch Jack with you anymore!

An absolute sure fire way to quit smoking is to become addicted to Nicorette Lozenges.

Nothing like enjoying a little nicotine while
on a 3 mile run. Or in the shower. Or even
during minor surgery.

Of course, it's probably like one of those Methadone type situations with the heaving and the shaking and the dying mmm..glavin if
you ever try to kick 'em.

Maybe try the patch????


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