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Some people never learn

WASHINGTON ó Some members of the Green Party are reserving much of their anger for Democrats these days, and say they donít care if another third-party run by Ralph Nader wrecks the Democrats' opportunity to replace President Bush in 2004.

Yippee. That would give us four more years of Ted Rall bitching about a ruined election. Way to go, Greenies.


Wow! How bad of an insult is it when the Dems get told they are hated more than GWB?

I wonder if the Greens could further sink the ship by convincing Gore to switch parties?

There's another party that would want Gore?

Probably not, but with Gore's environmental record I think he'd be a great match for that party, and a much larger vote-getter than Nader. In fact, I think a Gore-Nader Green Party ticket would really put them on the map. Granted, they'd still be sharing the "We hate Bush" vote, but they might just get the larger share.

Why do they persist in calling themselves "Green". "Red" is more appropriate.

Yeah, they're well-known in other countries for advocating public ownership for all means of industrial production.

I'm betting these particular voices are hitting back mainly as a reaction to the simmering Democrat animosity toward Nader and the Greens since 2000.

I have to admit I'm surprised there hasn't been a moonbat declaration that this report is suspect because it come from "Faux" News Channel.