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today's required reading

"Armando Benitez!" my grandchildren will gasp, "He's history's greatest monster!"

I was going to write about the Yankees' wild weekend, but instead of regaling you with my string of obscenities and a novel-length diatrabe on how wins are a beautiful thing but when you analyze them, it's sort of like looking at Cameron Diaz on a High Definition TV and realizing that her face is covered with zits and wrinkles and weird blotches, I'm just going to make you go and read Larry Mahnken's futuristic tale of a Yankee fan, his grandchildren and Aaron Boone, the suckiest suck that ever sucked.

Drink alert.


Sure, ruin the Diaz fantasy... poo...

Arrgghh - even an ordinarily sensible person like Michele can't resist Spoiled Yankee Fan Syndrome. How dare Aaron Boone have a slump after we paid good money for him!

I seem to recall a collective desire on your part to throw Jason Giambi into the Hudson river immediately after he arrived in NY and experienced a slump (as often happens when changing clubs - and especially leagues).

Aaron Boone has played all of 15 games with the Yanks. He's struggled so far, but there's no reason to believe he won't eventually go back to hitting around his career average of .269.

There really are no third basemen on the order of Brooks Robinson or Mike Schmidt in MLB for George to spend money on right now. Just chill out - I seriously doubt that Mr. Boone will turn out to be a stick in the spokes of yet another Yankee championship.

Hey, it was just a funny story. I'm not saying whether I agree with his assessment of Boone or not, I just thought the writing was hysterical.

Thanks for the link.

I don't think that Aaron Boone is really the worst player ever, but I do think it was an AWFUL, AWFUL trade the Yankees made (even though Claussen is now out for the season). It was an unecessary trade, and they gave up their best prospect--only real high minors prospect--for a player that didn't improve them at third base at all, although Gabe White should do well for them. I'm not pissed that they got Boone so much as they gave up Claussen. They could have done better.

But I digress. I'm anything but a spoiled Yankees fan, but I don't think that being a Yankees fan should preclude one from being critical of their team. The Yankees make a LOT of stupid moves, and the trade for Boone ranks right up there. (Giambi, on the other hand, is the best hitter the Yankees have had since Mantle, and anyone who knows me from Baseball Primer knows I've always felt that way).

You're right, it was a very funny story.

I just assumed that you agreed with the richly hyperbolic "suckiest suck that ever sucked" line.

The Diaz fantasy isn't ruined at all. No one is perfect, or can be expected to be; the fact that she's had this longstanding zit issue (she's discussed it frankly in the entertainment press) makes her seem more like an Actual Human and less like an extruded-from-the-mold Tinseltown toy.

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