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behold the power of the internet


Sorry about that, Reid. Blame it on Fark.

It's deathly quiet around this place tonight.


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Hi honey! I'm hooooooome!

I can sing to you, if you'd like...

And yet the Lou Gehrig of football keeps going on and on in Green Bay...mmm-mm.

Two words: Madden curse.

Just got back from what turned out to be a shopping spree. I blame the tequila...

Those darn Farkies, always puttin' a jinx on my fun.

It sucks, but it could be worse. Over the next six weeks or so, there's probably about 8 NFL teams who will realize that Vick's backup, Doug Johnson, should be starting for them.

It's been a bad year for legs in the preseason -- the Sooners lost a player on the Titans all season and one on the Broncos in the preseason already.

Q will be out of his cast for the Broncos next week and should be able to play yet in the pre-season! Those Sooners do heal fast. But he won't get much playing time in the regular season unless Portis goes down.

As far as Vick goes, what did we expect? He was the cover boy for EA Sports Madden 2004 right?


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