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his time will come

Now that Idi Amin is dead, can we find a way to make sure Fred Phelps goes next? [caution, link goes to a PDF of a Phelps press release about protesting the opening of the Harvey Milk school in New York, complete with the usual hateful wording]

I would love to see the look on his face when he tries to get into the gates of whatever heaven he thinks awaits him and finds himself locked out. If there is a god, there will be a sign waiting for Phelps that says God Hates You, Fred.

I may not believe in an afterlife, but I do believe in karma. Someday Phelps will feel all the hatred he spreads in the form of exruciating pain. One can hope, at least.

[via Uffish Thoughts, who has some great tips and links on how to counter-protest Phelps]


Michele, Fred's a fucker, but he doesn't eat his political opponents -- yet. Isn't there a better person to put on God's hit list, like, oh, Bobby Mugabe or Muammar Gadhafi? Or even Pat Robertson, who's arguably done more damage that Freddie boy?

Oh, they're on my list as well. And he may not eat his political opponents, but his constant celebrating of Matthew Shephard's death is just as evil in my book.

Let's hope someone "loses control" of their car and plows into Fred and the gang.

Phelps has a lot more problems than just his anti-gay obsession. The guy's a first-class psycho- he'd be another Jim Jones if it weren't for the fact that his personality is so poisonous the only congregation he can keep is his family.


Yeah, Fred has problems... most of 'em of his making. this site, http://blank.org/addict/ should prove that.

I'm gay and not a big supporter of the Harvey Milk School for various reasons, but demonstrating against Fred is not so different.

Sure, he hasnt actually eaten his opponents Matthew, but he has certainly celebrated their deaths continuously, and fed off their remains.

Personally, I'm just glad that most of my friends have not heard of his vile website, and that those who have have left it in disgust.

Thanks for the nice words, hon.

By the way, "Addicted to Hate" is one of the things I linked to in the post you mention, and it's all over the 'net in various places.

In 1990, I was working for a small political journal, covering Fred Phelps as he ran for the Democratic nomination for governor. What I could never figure is how a man could be infuse with so much hate when early in his career, he was a leading voice for Civil Rights of African-American? In 1991, he began his present campaign and here is another tibit. Why does the media pay any attention to a man who has small church, mostly populated with his kids, grandkids, relatives and a few friends?

ok ok I give up! Who are Fred Phelps and Harvey milk?No links please just a short summary.

Brief summary as requested:

Fred Phelps - notorious homophobic fringe-fundamentalist preacher operating out of Kansas who keeps himself in the news by hysterically attacking anyone prominent who shows even a smidgen of understanding or sympathy for gays.

Harvey Milk - '70's politician, I think he was one of the first (if not the first) openly gay politicians in the U.S.; became city supervisor in San Francisco but was shot to death (along with the mayor at the time) by a disgruntled (cliche word alert!) former city councilman; has become something of a martyr/iconic figure to many gays.

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