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the great debate: frank j. v. glenn reynolds

Did you know there's a war going on? No, not that one.

Frank J.has declared war on Glenn Reynolds. He wants to know whose side you are on.

Glenn has warned Frank that resistance is futile, but Frank seems intent on winning this one.

While everyone lines up on either side of the blog fence, I am declaring that I am Switzerland on this one. Neutral, fair and balanced. For now.

If anyone can convince me why I should side with one or the other, I may consider taking a biased stance in this war. But I need incontrovertable proof that one is more evil than the other, or that siding with one over the other will somehow benefit me in the end.

Also, bribes are accepted. Frank has offered those in his alliance bags filled with money, but I think he's a liar. But Glenn hasn't answered my email from Friday, so I can always hold that against him. Lawyer v. gun nut. Sword wielder v. link wielder. Professor v.....what is it Frank does for a living anyhow? Besides stand around pretending he's a jedi knight?


I'm holding off on this one to see which side enlists Vince McMahon or Hulk Hogan for support.

What email?

Of course you realize that the Axis of Kevin will overwhelm all...

Yes, but the Kevins have thrown our lot in with Glenn in this battle (in case that was not obvious - look a little closer). It is The Stand.

That should be proof enough...

I am an engineer, i.e., a man of a practical nature and not to be crossed.

Frank J is a train conductor........now THAT explains everything!

This is no contest. Frank has Rambo, Yorkie o' Death on his side.

What does Glenn (White Glenn) Reynolds have on his side? Europeans.

Like I said, no contest.

I dunno about that, Ken, Glenn has this bellicose woman on his side (please ignore the chuckles). Wanna fight about it? ;)

Are they really that bored?

I chose Frank because he promised to consider linking to me in Feb. of next year. What can I say? I'm needy.

Kathy, Glenn's married. Maybe you should come over to the dark side.

On the other hand, Frank has rejected my entreaties to make Rambo, Yorkie o' Death the official model for Chomps, despite the many poorly photoshopped actual unretouched photos I have sent of RYOD killing a moose, (shh...it was out of season, boy was I embarrassed!), a ninja, and Aquaman*.

Besides, I really like bellicose women. Perhaps it is I who should reconsider allegiances. Kathy, you busy next Saturday?**

*She didn't actually kill him. He's such a pansy it wasn't sporting. It was a "catch-and-release" thing.

**Never mind, my wife said I can't go.

Now, if I had challenged Instapundit to a duel we would all finally know the answer to the question: "what if they declared a war and nobody came?"

Yes, but the Kevins have thrown our lot in with Glenn in this battle (in case that was not obvious - look a little closer).

And a profitable alliance I am sure it will be. Will we rule from behind the scenes, or discard Glenn and rule in our own right?

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