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the gift that keeps on giving

I'm only doing this because I've received several "I am going to buy you a birthday present whether you like it or not" emails.

In all honesty your coming here, reading and commenting is really a gift that I treasure every day, and I don't care how treacly that sounds, it's true. I also value the friendships I have made through this site as lasting gifts.

However, if you are so inclined, I do have a wishlist and the link is over to the right on the sidebar.

If you are tempted to throw something into my tip jar, you could give me a greater gift instead and donate something to Magen David Adom .

Thank you for all the wonderful pre-birthday/annivesary wishes I've received so far.


Well, since I already 'got' the suggested gift, I'll just wish you a happy 29th birthday.

Typo. Magen not Magend.