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i wonder if this will catch on with steinbrenner?

Here's one way to get rid of a player on your favorite team who is just weighing the team down:

A frustrated New York Yankees fan has taken his displeasure of pitcher Jeff Weaver to the Internet. The fan is trying to use eBay to auction off the struggling right-hander, who's 6-and-9 with a hefty 5.78 ERA this year.

I guess I wasn't the only one disgusted and frustrated after Weaver's latest outing - an 11-0 loss to the Royals. My mother and I argued over this - she says Weaver never gets support and she feels sorry for him. My argument is simple: he sucks.

The fan -- known as "free range veal" on eBay, describes Weaver as a pitcher "in fair-to-good condition, hardly used and showing minor wear." He notes that he'll only sell Weaver to Boston, the Yankees' chief rival in the American League East.

Although, he'll also accept a white turtle neck and a bag of batting practice balls in lieu of payment for Weaver.

Hell, I would take a firm handshake and a promise that they wouldn't try to return him. Keep the shirt and balls.


Can the Brewers have him? Please? Maybe Weaver just doesn't like big markets. He did well in Detroit.