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boxes of birthday goodness

I love my friends. They know me so well that their birthday presents are almost always perfect. For instance, take the lovely 'party in a box' package that came in the mail this week. Vulgar, crass and so apropos. Thanks to Robyn and Todd, we will be celebrating my birthday (nine days, but who's counting?) in a style all my own. Of course, after we are done singing a drunken round of "Happy Fucking Birthday To You," I will proceed to eat all the homemade ice cream my heart desires, thanks to Stacy, Dan and their adorable kids, who sent me this. Sure, you can make frozen yogurt in this creamery as well, but let's get serious. Who eats yogurt on their birthday? Thanks to my very wonderful, generous, supportive, amazing friends for these birthday presents.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that my 41st birthday also happens to be mine and Justin's first wedding anniversary. I have no idea yet how we are going to celebrate this double-whammy day (and it's also Tim Burton's birthday!). All I know is that I've taken off from work on that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the kids will be in Boston with my mother.

If anyone wants to come out to the Island and have a birthday dinner/drink on Tuesday night, just yell.


Tuesday the 26th? (I'm not real good with that calendar thing.)

Yes, my birthday is Monday, the 25th. I shall celebrate with friends on Tuesday - the 26th.

Happy Birthday Michele! (...and Anniversary too!) I've got a bottle of tequila with your name written on it; all I need is directions to your house comin eastbound from the LIE. : )

Happy F*****g Birthday!! I'd love to join you, but the stagecoach has already come thorugh here this month. Have one for me.... ;p)

Happy happy happy birthday
to YOU!


Hey, what exactly comes in "party in a box" ? This I must know!!!!

Look at the picture! Hats, balloons, napkins, plates and candy. What more could you need for a fucking birthday party? Heh.

Good grief! It's still forever till your birthday. Wait for it. Sheesh. You're like a frickin' kid.

If you get a present from me (and I'm not saying you will), you're not allowed to open it until your birthday. Nyah!

I love that package LMAO. It's hysterical! I hope you have a wonderful birthday....

And you can't forget the "Total Bitch soap" included to cleanse your birthday sins away in that party-box... ;-) Glad you liked it!

Where on earth did you find that party box? I HAVE to get one for my best friend! That's excellent.

41? aren't you actually turning 29?

I'm in. I just need directions from the east (Southern State preferably, but I'm flexible).

Happy Birthday Michele!!! Ha Ha I`m 3 years and a day older than you.