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Warning Unheeded?

From Kevin Patrick, of the BushCheney 2004 Weblog:

"The report we issued last month presented more than 100 recommendations covering virtually the entire range of concerns that face the American people. One of the concerns, obviously, is the aging power grid and the growing problem that we have in getting electricity from the power plant to the light switch. It's clear that we must upgrade and expand the power grid. If we put more connections in place, we'll go a long way towards avoiding future blackouts. Another broad aim is to increase energy supplies from diverse sources; from oil and gas, renewables, coal, hydro and nuclear. This is the kind of balanced approach we think is essential if we're going to meet the country's energy needs down the road and take care of many of our other concerns, especially with respect to the environment."

-- Vice President Dick Cheney, U.S. Energy Association Efficiency Forum Washington, D.C. June 13, 2001

Thanks for the link, Kevin.


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Last night during the continuous coverage on ABC (I work at an affiliate) a lot of the "experts" kept saying that we're lucky this hasn't happened earlier. That the system is constantly teetering on collapse already. Scary thought!

Lessee, that's the report mostly written by energy suppliers, right? At least, given how much hassle it's been to get details out of Cheney about the participants, it's hard to believe otherwise.

Gosh, what do energy suppliers know about how to supply energy?

But... but... BUSH LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!