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Long Island/NY update

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) has been asked to dump 46,000 megawatts of power - meaning approximately 45,000 homes who had electricity stored will go without once more, as rolling blackouts go into effect.

They are trying to conserve energy around here, especially as the temperature and humidity rises. Government businesses are being asked to close down for the day and they are practically begging people to not turn their air conditioners on.

The Long Island Railroad is still down - even if your workplace in the city is open, it's not advised that you try to get there.

I don't know if my power will stay on, but Command Post is doing a bang-up job of covering all the affected areas.

Susanna is covering Bloomberg's press conference live.


I am at work - I got here around 11:30 (I basically had to push my car around town looking for gas!) and they are shutting down at 1:00. Sucks for me!! Have a great weekend!! Maybe see you on Sunday?

46,000 MW is a lot more than 45,000 homes. A typical home draws about 1.5 to 2 KW of power on average, with peaks of up to about 5 KW when a big appliance kicks on. These days you can run about 500 homes on 1 MW, though the thumbrule used to be 1000 homes per MW.

Must be nice to be able to take the day off. I kept hearing Pataki saying to call it a snow day, but we still had power, so we were still up and running. The news cannot be stopped, I guess.

Yo, Michelle, your post at Blogcritics got me interested enough in NYC and blackouts that I did some digging. Ended up reading the Newsweek cover story and the Curvin report on the 1977 blackout. Learned a lot.