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it's Bush's fault!

[My personal account of the blackout is here.]

"The disturbance appears to have been caused by the loss of several major transmission lines in the upper Midwestern United States, but investigations and data collections continue," the North American Electric Reliability Council, a not-for-profit private group, said in a written statement.

This is the area affected by the blackout. That's approximately 50 million people who were taken back to the dark ages by one single surge/mistake/lightning strike/insert conspiracy theory here.

"This blackout is obviously a Bush administration plot to slow the booming sales of electric cars," the vehicle owner said. "Dick Cheney is doing this for his buddies at Halliburton. Well, those neocons are not going to get me. I would rather die than burn fossil fuel in my car." Of course, that's Scrappleface.

More from the master of subtle humor:

With no electricity, many "bloggers" were forced to post their latest musings to the Internet by candlelight. Some resorted to using old-fashioned kerosene-fueled personal computers. Others wrote their thoughts out longhand on paper then ran through the streets reading them aloud to the passing crowds of stranded commuters


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That reminds me when we lost power for a week over Christmas when I was in high school due to a blizzard in OK. My parents had given me an electric blanket for Christmas. I was FREEZING as we had all huddled around our small fireplace for days, and my dad finally said, "Quit complaining and just take your new blanket back to your room and plug it in." Which I did. And then realized...yes, I am truly a blonde. I never lived that one down.

I felt so sorry for your ordeal that I did not even post a snarky remark about that horrible echo I heard here earlier today! ;) That blackout played havoc with my visitation rate yesterday, and I suspect FOX News has not picked up on that aspect of the story, yet, have they?

Regarding Bloomburg's comments, they can be summed up as this:

"Blame Canada!
With all their beedy little eyes
Their flappin heads so full of lies!
Blame Canada!"

Bah, why is either side bothering to assume who's fault it is before we know EXACTLY what happened? Well, all I'm happy about is that everyone seemed to deal well with the power outage, and I think that's what counts.

I agree with MonkeyConQueso. I live in Canada in one of the unaffected regions, and I think we Canadians aren't to be blamed for causing the power outage, when neither Canada nor the US even knows what has happened.

Bah, why is either side bothering to assume who's fault it is before we know EXACTLY what happened?

(I never could resist a low-hanging fruit...)

Because after we know exactly what happened, it won't be possible to try to score political points.

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