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more news

WOR (Channel 9, New York) and WNYW (Channel 5, New York) are both still off the air.

Mayor Bloomberg is suggesting that non-essential employees take the day off today to cut down on traffic. There is still no transportation into NYC from Long Island.

The NYFD responded to hundreds of fires last night, most caused by careless use of candles.

Of course, the blame game has started and there still is no definitive cause for the blackout that affected most of the North East as well as points west. New York Newsday has a slide show with explanations of the power grid and a chart of past blackouts.

Beaches and courts in New York are closed, There is no subway service for the morning rush and it's not expected for evening either. Metro-North running 1 train each way on all lines. No LIRR service. MTA buses are running and the fare has been waived. There are still many traffic lights out.


Blackouts are like "time-outs" for the community. You did the right thing. Camp out in your living room, then go outside and look at the stars and remind yourself just how big the universe is.

Electricity is wonderful, but you know, so is a periodic break.

Almost all technology isolates us from each other ... when the electric is off, or during a snowstorm, we can come together a little easier. I live in an apartment complex filled with people who don't know each other. During a snowstorm, we actually had a chance to come together a bit.

Don't get me wrong, though. A little break is nice. But not enough for the food to spoil in the refrigerator ...