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While I have power here in East Meadow, Long Island, my ex-husband just called to say he is still without power - in East Meadow.

My sister in Levittown (about two miles away) still has no power. I understand they have power in Hempstead, where I work, but I'll be damned if I'm heading out there while there are still traffic lights out.

Jeff Jarvis brought up something I had written down yesterday (to remember to blog): When Bloomberg gave his first press conference of the day yesterday, he remarked that shelters would open up in the city and you could find a list of those shelters on the city website. Idiot.

Jeff has a great array of links of stories as well.

I'd like to comment my fellow Command-Post contributors on a great job covering the blackout.

LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) is warning of rolling blackouts today and asking people to keep their air conditoners off.

I'll have more, lots more, power permitting.


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Glad to hear you're ok and everything's getting back to normal. All you northeast bloggers have been on my mind since this whole thing started. Hopefully all will be completely normal again soon and you can turn on your a/c's! That heat must be horrid. Anyway, glad you're safe and sound.

Many of the traffic lights between central Suffolk County and the Queens border on Long Island were still down this morning (on Routes 25 and 25a). Police were directing traffic at a few but not all intersections, making the driving do-able, but nerve-wracking.

Staying home is probably a much saner decision than driving to work in Metro New York.

nine months after one of the blackouts ('65 maybe?) there was a baby-boom... any predictions on this time around, Michele?

It was pretty weird at work -- the power there just flickered a few times and was fine, but while our block stayed on, most of the rest of the city was dark. It seemed really scattered, power on or off from street to street.

Nice info!