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today's mailbag: raise your own children, please

[thanks to everyone who sacrificed small, virginal animals for me. everything seems to be working now]

I got an email today from one Jeff S., who takes issue with my defense of Jesus Castillo in the Texas v. Castillo case involving the sale of an adult comic book to an adult.

Texas is right and you are wrong. This country is loose with its morals and stores sell sex and violence to impressionable young children and see nothing wrong with it. Comic books are meant for children. Just the word comic alone would seem to indicate that the books and things they sell in the store are for kids. Most comic book stores have brightly painted superheroes on their windows, pictures of Spiderman and Hulk and all the familiar cartoon characters. My eight year old son should not walk in there to buy Pokemon cards and be confronted with images of violence and sex and he should not be able to buy sexually explicit comics.

Even superheroes are suspect in dealing with a childís lifeís lesson. Most of the creators of these pieces of crap are Godless fools who force children to worship flying men and women who resort to violence on a daily basis in the name of saving the world. Children should look to people with good moral judgment who do not mess with Godís creation (meaning man, who cannot fly or perform miracles). Thou shalt not have false idols, the bible says. Superheroes are false idols and not only that, but the comics that donít have superheroes are full of dark images, the occult and things that give children nightmares.
I see you also defend makers of pornography and violent video games. It is people like you that contribute to the downfall of America and the morals on which it was founded. You and video game producers and makers of filthy or violent movies are helping to turn my child against my values. This must stop. People must be held accountable for the trash they produce and for the army of arrogant bullies and sexually active children that they create with their products. Stores that sell these items should be closed down.

Stop defending the demoralizers. Keep America clean. Kudos to the state of Texas and John Ashcroft for being the real defenders of truth, justice and the American Way.

My reply to Jeff:

It is a pity that you cannot see the error of your ways. The comic book industry is not in the field of child-rearing. Your responsibility as a parent does not stop at the door to the comic shop. It is up to you, Jeff S., to teach your child the morals that you hold dear.

Authors, musicians, artists, directors and video game producers do not have your specific child in mind when they create. It is up to you as a parent to decide what your child can and canít purchase, view, read or play with.

America is not the land of the free, the home of the religious. The entertainment industry does not cater to your particular religion or morals. The rest of the population of this country is not a watchdog group for you children. You are. You decide where he can and canít go, what he can and canít see. You pass on your moral judgment to him and when heís old enough to decide for himself, he may or may not follow in your footsteps. But for the time being, while heís just a small kid, it is up to you to instill the values you would like him to grow up with. If that means not going to comic book stores or video rental stores because you donít like what is on view there, so be it. But do not expect that the rest of us are going to bow down to your morals and religion and remove anything that offends you from the public eye. Perhaps you would be happy with nothing but Veggie Tales to peruse, but most of us wouldnít. The fallacy that the comic book industry is just for kids needs to be addressed in a longer statement than I have the time or patience to make right now.

Jeff, you may consider certain forms of entertainment a threat to your values, but I consider people like you a threat to my freedoms. I understand if you want to keep your child from viewing potentially harmful material. As a parent myself I know your dilemma. Thatís what I use rating systems for. But unlike you, I see a Parental Warning sticker on a CD as a sign that my child shouldnít listen to it. You see it as a sign that the store should be shut down for selling the CD - even to adults.

There is a moral to this story, Jeff: Raise your child yourself. Don't expect the creators of entertainment to give a shit about your kid, because they don't, nor should they be expected to. Nobody making an R-rated movie is going to worry about the implications of its imagery on the mind of an eight year old. The guy drawing the flying superhero does not care if it offends your religion, nor should he. The simple solution is to, so to speak, turn the channel if you don't like it. But don't think we are all going to change the channel with you.



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Sometimes, all I can say is: Well Said.

(Superheros as false idols? What's he smoking?)

You tell 'em Michele. I spend a LOT of time with my kid. I'm raising my kid. I'm interested in what my kid is doing, watching, reading.

I don't want my adult freedoms taken away because someone else is a slacker.

I've really held back here. Really held back.

Well said. How do people just not get it?

My what a vanilla world if everything that offended everyone was removed. Gee, I'm sure there are a few people who would be offended by his Bible so we need to be sure to get rid of that also.

I am a Christian and know it does not mean playing God. Go raise your children.

as a Texan allow me to tell Jeff, you're a f-ing idiot. don't you DARE act like Texas is on your side in this. the mere fact you think comics are only for kids shows that whatever you got swirling around in your head it ain't functioning brains buddy. it's religious looney god-boys like you that make the right so easy to attack. on behalf of the non-religious right allow me to tell you to scram, we don't need you.

and michelle's right, get off your duff and start raising your kid and stop expecting everyone else to do it for you.

I absolutely hate when people say "you are wrong" when we're talking about an opinion one holds. You can say "I disagree" but "you are wrong" really pisses me off. If I said "Bush never declared war on Iraq" I would be wrong, but if I say "Bush is a good president" I am not wrong, it's my OPINION.

Very well said, Michelle. I've made numerous comments and posts regarding this kind of idiocy, but I never stated my position as well as you just have. It's unfortunate that fools like Jeff don't really listen.

>Applaud< Very well stated Michele. I used to work with a "born again" hard core religious nut who said that superman should be banned because when he was a kid he tried to fly and broke 3 ribs. He got really mad when I said he was a frickin' idiot and if there was any justice in the world he would have landed on his skull, thereby improving the gene pool. This idiot seems cast from the same mold.
Also, at the comic/role playing game store I frequent, all the adult oriented comics are in a separate "18 & older" section you have to go through a door next to the counter to get to. Most retailers realize that if they do sell adult material to minors, that parents are going to boycott their store, and they will go out of buisness. Score: capitalism 1, censorship 0

That was one righteous (if I can be forgiven use of the term in this context) smackdown to one deserving idiot. Jeff S. is ripe to be parodied on King of the Hill.

That was fucking awesome. Nice reply. Pardon my french. Tip your waiter.

Wow, even after I previewed it, when I posted that it lost half my message. that was supposed to read :
applaud Well said michele. I knew a religious nut who said superman should be banned because he tried to fly as a kid and busted 3 ribs. This idiot seems to be cut from the same mold.
Then add the last post to this one :)

Good show Michele. If we all just raised our children instead of expecting everyone else to do it, we would have a great nation again.

I don't expect or want someone else to raise my kids with my morals.

That just irks me to no end that someone has the gall to say they speak for all of us.

Jeff must be why God is making the temperature in Texas in the 100's while giving us in Georgia the most pleasant summer we have had in decades.

When I read that letter I wished to tell the idiot off...then I got to read the rest of the post and realized that there is no way that I could have done it half as well as you did.

That was so well said that I finished reading the post with a feeling not of frustration at the idiot, but of satisfaction. I wish I could write like that!

Nicely done, Michele. You make me proud.

Michelle, you're my hero today. It doesn't take a village - it takes each of us doing our jobs, and taking responsibility for our kids.

People who think like Jeff scare the hell out of me.

Amen, Sister!

I wonder if Jeff S. from TX realizes how much he sounds like a fundamentalist Islamist. Try substituting "Allah" for "God," "Koran" for "bible" and "Islam" for "America" in his message. I wonder how he would react if Mullah Omar dictated what he and his kid could read, listen to on the radio, or see at the movies or on TV.

I guess I might as well give up on my 4 year-old son. He's doomed to Hell for sure because he plays Spiderman (suit and all; won't let us throw out last year's Halloween costume, even though it barely fits him) WHILE watching Vegie Tales (Yes, Jeff, we also let him celebrate Halloween).

Is it wrong to let him bring his miniture Power Rangers to church? I mean, even though they don't have their own comics and are kinda whimpy superheroes, is this still idol worship and will God smite me for allowing my son to bring them? Is it still a sin if he promises to keep them in his pocket?

Very well said, Michele.

The fundamentalists thrive when the rest of us are too fearful or lazy to speak out against them. Thanks for doing your part - in style.

Amen! You said this well... it is up to us as parents to watch our children...

Christine is always talking about how we're becoming a more "child friendly" place, which is good to a point. Where do you stop and say "it's ok for adults to be adult and not include children?"

If I may be a lone half-dissenter, let me explain where I think Jeff was right, or at least pointed in the right direction.

1) A parent should find a comic book store inane at best, and offensive on average. Why take a child to a citadel of illiteracy? The library has plenty of books with words in them, and facts about real life, usually delivered without drama.

2) Only the very rich can afford to rear their children in a sane culture. The rest of us peons have to swim in pop-culture hell, and fight the influence of pop industry and schools. It would be nice if the sharks, morons, nihilists, neanderthals and the like could act out in private, and leave the public arena free of their influence. I know, I know. Some people think it's good for kids to grow up in a crappy culture. That's how peons beget peons.

Jeff didn't help his case by using the tired cliches of fundamentalist Christianity. Everything he said can be expressed accessibly in modern language.

Dave, I was surprised, to say the least, when I read that you consider comic book stores a "citadel of illiteracy". I think it's obvious that you need to be pointed in the direction of some of the great, extremely intelligent and literate comic books out there. Just because a book has words doesn't automatically make it anything worth reading - ever read some of the crap that is published for teenagers? For adults? I'll take a good comic book over that any day.

Also, I have to ask you, what's so wrong even if there is a comic book isn't of great literary value? It gets the kid reading, and gets them imagining instead of spoonfeeding them images from a television. My sister has slight ADD, enough that she never read as a kid because it was too hard for her to get into a book, until I introduced her to comic books. Now she's a voracious reader who takes in anything from comic books to what you think of as "real" literature. All because of a citadel of illiteracy.

Also, I find it amazing that you would consider books without drama to be worthy. What is life without drama? What's the joy in living, then? Shouldn't our literature reflect that? The amazing, the fantastic, the things that inspire us? I'm astonished you consider this a trait people -- and especially children -- should do without.


The library also probably carries quite a few things you don't want your child to be reading. Well, assuming it hasn't been PC'd already. In any case, what makes a comic store "inane at best, and offensive on average"? How is that not just a rehash of the "comics are for kids" argument?

I always wonder what parents who do their best to raise their kids in a culture-free bubble think is going to happen when the kid turns eighteen and strikes out into the Real World. The Judgment Fairy visits them at midnight on their birthday?

I met a lot of very sheltered kids when I was in college. They had next to no judgment or coping ability, and made some rather hair-raising poor choices.


In my above post, that should be "dyslexia" and not "ADD". I feel silly now. Typing without thinking is never a good thing.

. Just the word comic alone would seem to indicate that the books and things they sell in the store are for kids.

I'd hate to confront this intellectual midget with Comic Opera.

The library has plenty of books with words in them, and facts about real life, usually delivered without drama.

Call the wire services! This man has delivered a sentence full of words and yet with no semantic content whatsoever!

) Only the very rich can afford to rear their children in a sane culture. The rest of us peons have to swim in pop-culture hell, and fight the influence of pop industry and schools.

There is no difference between "culture" and "pop culture," and anyone who pretends otherwise is a fool. Today's ephemera is tomorrow's musem exhibit.

Good grief, Michele, don't you recognize a troll when you see it? The key words here are "Pokemon cards". He's worried about the Godless things his son might see in the comic book store when he (the son) goes into buy Pokemon cards.

Well, we know that the righteous never allow their children to buy Pokemon cards or watch Pokemon. They cover the children's eyes whenever anything round and yellow appears, for fear it might be the demon Pikachu (which means "Goat Sucker" in Old Aramaic, "goat" meaning of course "kid", as in a young goat---the goat is often used as a metaphor for the soul in Hittite tradition). It's difficult for the righteous to buy certain kinds of squash, because of this.

Clearly a man concerned with the snowy purity of his son's soul would not ever allow him to get near anything Pokemon, anime, or Stan Lee. They won't even touch Davey and Goliath comics, because of the Satanic talking animals. It's nothing but Jack Chick, morning, noon, and night.

And I'm afraid you fell for it. Tsk tsk.

Only the very rich can afford to rear their children in a sane culture.

What you mean is "only the very rich can afford to raise their children in a plastic bubble, perfectly controlling every aspect of their lives."

We live in a completely sane culture, so just by living in America your kids get reared in one. Does this mean they'll be 25 years old and married before they get laid, or drunk, or swear, or see a member of the opposite sex naked? Of course not, and it never has.

During the 1970s and 1980s (when I was raised), nudity, drinking, and drug use were more readily available in entertainment children could watch. For example, "Sixteen Candles" has sex, drug use, heavily drinking, and the line "they fucking forgot my birthday". It was rated PG, meaning that a five-year old could have bought a ticket without an adult.

Despite this, I, and almost all of my generation, grew up sane. The reason? We had sane parents.

add my 2 cents...

that was a perfect, if not the best, response I have read. Perfectly articulated and intelligently presented. I applaud you, I worship you...


Michele, you are my hero.

We live in a completely sane culture, so just by living in America your kids get reared in one. ...

Despite this, I, and almost all of my generation, grew up sane. The reason? We had sane parents.

Where do you live, Dan? I know of no one who would say we live in a completely sane culture. You're the first. Now on to other things...

In a way, I agree with Jeff. Not on the censorship stuff, but of course Michele grabbed that idea and self-righteously knocked that idea about the head and face. Jeff left an obvious strawman, and Michele couldn't resist making a speech, and you all stood up and applauded on cue.

I'd agree with Jeff that there's been a coarsening of our culture, particularly our pop culture. There are occultic elements woven throughout our popular culture now, and you can ridicule it all you want, but the facts are the occult elements are there. Why name something after a Hindu demon? Do you know how much other examples are out there of using occultic objects, names and signs in our culture? Harmless fun, perhaps, but what if not?

The more I read this blog and others similar, the more I recognize that there is simply no room for Christianity in our emerging culture, unless it is either thoroughly gelded ("it's ok for you, but no one's going to tell me how to live, especially you,") or the butt of jokes ("dumb fundamentalist rednecks just might believe anything"). The Christian religion has become synonymous with closed-minded bigotry in the minds of many people. And most important, you no longer can argue from Christian premises.

That's a shame, because once that goes there won't be a similar set of agreed-upon precepts to replace it, except vague phrases like "tolerance".

Reason is great ... but it only gets you so far. Someone else always has a counterargument. You can always parse language a little further. And all reason is based on shaky epistemological foundations, rooted in uncertainty about language and the limitations of the mind, that simply cannot be wished away.

American culture is very sick right now. Not dying, but it has a fever. We are awash in triviality, discontinuity, decontextualization, sensations, mimickry, mockery, voyeurism, and spectacle. It's like our whole culture is desperately numb and trying to find out if it can still feel.

Jeff still fears God; leave the guy alone. He wrote to you because he means what he says. You have nothing to fear from him. He will not take away your rights, or your entitlements, or harm your children. But the people you're defending -- they might.

Some people have suggested that sheltered people do worse in life. I don't know one way or the other -- but people who have character instilled in them from their early ages make better decisions later on. Character -- not exposure to degradation -- is the essential issue, it seems to me, in surviving in this culture.

But given all that, I have another question for those who stood up and applauded. Isn't Michele's point kind of obvious? Hasn't this same speech been given about a thousand times already? When someone questions an aspect of our culture, can we just get past the tired-old censorship debate and actually discuss the merits of the criticism being offered on its own terms?

I would not argue with your character assertion, but I would argue that character is not built through sheltering or omission. A person with character can weather "degrading" influences of culture, because he has the strength of character to trust his own judgment more than peer pressure. A person who never comes in contact with unsavory cultural aspects doesn't have good character, he's completely untested and quite likely underdeveloped in character. My point with "sheltered" kids was that as soon as they escaped the artificial world of their parents, they made bad choices because they had no judgment or morals of their own; many times, they rolled in depravity far more vigorously than the kids who'd grown up knowing of it and also knowing that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

The issue isn't really values or morals. I don't begrudge a Christian the right to act as he or she sees fit, even though I'm not one myself, but I resent being told the nation- of which I am a citizen- must be run according to those principles every bit as much as you'd resent being told life must go as I saw fit, or as an imam saw fit. As they say, it is a free country. Absolutely nothing stops you or anyone else from child-rearing and living as you see fit. Values and influences counter to religious values have existed as long as religions have; religions survive because the faithful have spiritual strength. Politics has far more often been the downfall or degeneration of a church and its core values than it has been helpful to the moral fiber of society. (See Reformation, Protestant.) Many times the imposition of religion has caused a greater APPEARANCE of morality, but fearful public morality is not the same as real character.

No one ever said being righteous would be easy, least of all God.

Well said, LabRat.

Well said Michelle :)

Troll King

You bemoan
there is simply no room for Christianity in our emerging culture

Well, there shouldn't be. A person's faith / belief / religion is meant to be their own personal, private choice. It is not set by the laws that society passes. By definition, there cannot be a "christian society", since only individuals can be christian, since it involves a personal commitment by that individual.

Are you saying that the US should be governed by "christian principles"? Be careful what you ask for. Go and re-read wht Christ said were the "greatest commandment". Then look at what laws and social policy we would have to implement to "love our neighbours as ourselves".


Well, the definition of Christian society doesn't have to be all that complicated. I think that a society of people who are Christians could be called a Christian society, don't you think? It doesn't have to be a theocracy or involve any of the extremes you suggest. After all, separation of church and state grew out of a Christian society now, didn't it?

As for your statement that religion is a personal, private choice: Are you saying there's no social component to religion, and that all Christians thus must keep their beliefs to themselves?

Some ambiguity here. I've got 6 kids, ages 15 years to 7 months.

My libertarian sensibilities say that censorship is bad. On the other hand, if someone wants to have an S&M orgy on the public sidewalk in front of my house, I'd like to keep my 9 year old daughter from accidentally seeing it while on the carpool home from school. There are some anarchists who would assert that it is in my daughter's interests to be exposed to sex as early as possible. Hey, it's natural, right?!? So is taking a crap, but we don't normally bring our kids in to watch us pinching a loaf.

There are already 4-letter words on billboards here in Los Angeles.

I can control the remote control and the publications that arrive at my house in the mail, but shouldn't there be a reasonable common denominator for public expression and some reasonable restraint on people bent on pushing the envelope to shock others?

How far do we take freedom? Should consenting adults be allowed to shoot a snuff porn film on the Santa Monica beach on a crowded summer Saturday?

I think we all agree that there needs to be some line.

The debate is on where that line is drawn. My biggest argument is with those who act as if there should NEVER be a restriction on anything.

Forcing parents to raise their kids in a Skinner box until adulthood to prevent needless exposure to sex, violence, drugs, what have you, isn't right... or necessary.

There are people who get off on pushing the envelope (and burning that envelope... typically those with low self esteem who wish to inflict their misery on the rest of the planet) on public behavior propriety. Is there really a right to unrestrained excess outside the home?

I can't send my kids to ANY of the newsstands here in Los Angeles to get me a Business Week or newspaper because the porn is always next to the cash register. That's just wrong. Is requiring certain adult material to be out of the direct eyesight of minors really censorship?

I disagree with Jeff S. But I also think that R ratings and CD advisories, billboards and storefront windows should have stricter enforcement.

My wife and I screened ET about a year ago to determine if it was suitable for our kids. When Elliot called his big brother "penis breath", was that really necessary? Is that a concept that needs to be introduced to children? Adults can put sex into context. Kids can't.

Innocence should not be squandered needlessly. There's plenty of time for adulthood. Jaded kids and cynical adults do not improve society. You can have your porn channel, but I'd like NOT to have explicit commercials shown on the big animated screen billboards like at Times Square or in sports stadiums.

And don't think VeggieTales is so innocent! Look at the profile when Bob the Tomato is next to Larry the Cucumber!!!

I'd like the creators of entertainment to be able to create whatever they want... but on the other hand, I don't think they have the right to unrestricted access to my kids nor to force me to put them in burkas to protect them from excess. You're fooling yourself if you don't think that entertainment marketers won't do ANYTHING THEY CAN to hook a kid, as much as the tobacco industry tries to hook kids. Yes, if there wasn't an outrage, the porn star Mary Carey, who is running for governor of California would try to get onto kids' cereal boxes.

Sometimes, compromises can be struck. Here in Los Angeles, one of the supermarkets, in response to requests from the large local Orthodox Jewish community successfully got one of the 14 checkout aisles to be Cosmo-free. Those that want their kids to see "Earth Shattering Sex Tips" can take them to the next aisle if they like. Those that would like their grocery shopping to be less titillating now have that option, too. It's a win-win. Except for the a-holes who WANT to force kids to see that stuff.

Bravo michele!

Posts like that remind me how much I love you.

It is people like you that contribute to the downfall of America and the morals on which it was founded.

You should put that at the top of the page ;)

The Christian religion has become synonymous with closed-minded bigotry in the minds of many people.

You forgot pedophilia. Wouldn't want to miss that in extolling how ill-conceived the Church is by modern culture, now would we? Face it, Troll King, at least some of the derision that drives people away from Chrisitanity has been earned.

Michele, lovely speech. As a long-time fan of literature, I have to say comics do have lasting value. There are people who talk of the genius of Bill Watterson and Walt Kelly and then go on to disparage comics. What's the difference between the genius of Kelly and the genius of Gaiman? Of Moore? Would I let my kids read "100 Bullets"? Hell no. When they're teenagers? Hell yes. If the comics you have been exposed to are junk, is that a limitation of the medium, or a limitation of the authors?

One last thing - Pikachu means "Lightning Mouse" in Japanese. Considering that the majority of people don't speak or read 'Old Aramaic', and that it doesn't use romanized characters, I'm willing to bet you have no idea what it means in that Aramaic, and that the person who told you that dosen't either. My guess is in Aramaic it's gibberish.


You have a good point about the old Aramaic. I have no idea what pikachu means either in old Aramaic, new Aramaic or in Japanese. Soul-sucking goat demon is a nasty trick on customers, whereas lightning mouse is whimsical and fun. I hope it's lightning mouse.

People are driven away from Christianity because they prefer to be sovereign themselves, and prefer to judge God than be judged by God.

I think the lack of belief today is rooted in the natural response of man to modern technology -- it allows people to think of themselves as more powerful than they really are.

You now can speak to almost anyone on the continent or even exchange writing with them instantly. You can travel almost anywhere on the continent yourself, within a week, simply by getting in a car and pointing where you want to go. You can demand entertainment and receive it, often free or at very low cost, of your choosing. Even the poorest people in the U.S. have full bellies. You can get away from the heat or the cold easily. Modern medicine and dentistry deals the permanent aches and pains that were very common only 100 years ago. These are massive extensions of self.

And we don't see the vast open spaces as often as we used to, or the stars at night. Without awe at nature, and without a feeling vulnerable at its whims, and with a feeling of power that modern technology gives us, it's perfectly natural to assume we are sovereign in our own lives.

I lived in Africa for a few years. No sky glow whatsoever. The night sky filled me with awe and wonder every night. The rolling hills, the gallery forests, the jungles -- vast, wild, green, wonderful. At night during the rainy season, violent thunderstorms shook my house. In the morning, the sun burned off the water. Every day and every night was an experience at the awesome majesty of God's creation.

It is easy to forget God when we're well-fed and surrounded by bricks and entertained by other men and can extend our reach across the world. But that's because there has been a forgetting. We have not outgrown God. We have only forgotten him.

A couple of thoughts on the responses which seemed to be sympathetic to the positions and beliefs of Jeff.

People who have asserted that Comics are for kids are cultural neanderthals. Maybe you thought comics were just for kids in the small town where you grew up in the 1950's. Comics as an art form, yes an art form, in other cultures are most definately NOT for kids. Even in the United States early animation was not for kids. Even early Disney cartoons were not for kids. Your extraordinary ignorance only furthers the point that you should never be a cultural arbitrar for anyone.

I do not feel any remorse for your inability to shelter your child from the harmful affects of the freedom of speech. You could convert to Islam, move to Pakistan or Afghanistan and find the exact environment you are looking for. The difference between your vision for the United States and Pakistan today is one only of theology.

If that does not worry you in some way that maybe your beliefs are a bit too rigid, I truly feel sorry for you. However it is not my duty to convert you to Christianity, to teach you tolerance, to love your neighbor, to be willing to be in the world but not of the world.

The difference between the brand of Christianity you advocated here and my practice of Christianity sounds like the difference between peaceful practisioners of Islam and radical Islamic fundamentalists. I feel the same disgust that I am sure the peaceful practisioners of Islam feel for the radical fundamentalists. You do NOT speak for me so stop calling yourself and your ignorant intolerant beliefs Christian!


Pikachu means "Lightning Mouse" in Japanese....I'm willing to bet you have no idea what it means in that Aramaic...

I'm willing to bet at least one of us is missing something.

And don't think you're fooling me for an instant with your scrambled letters. (You see Troll King wasn't fooled.)

Everyone has said what I want to, but I can't keep my big mouth shut. I'll keep it short and sweet.

The country is loose with his morals. I agree with him. I feel he's 100% correct. That's where my agreement ends, though.

It is not up to the government to police my morals. That's my job. It's not up to them to raise your children. That's your job. I don't want laws limiting me and my rights, because you're a shitty parent.

I wait patiently for the day when human beings will be able to deal with the fact that they have genitals.

Michele: Yes, yes YES!

People expect the world to mold to fit THEIR versions of right and wrong. This is as impossible as it is INSANELY SELF-CENTERED!

There are things that are not appropriate for children. It is not society's job to childproof the world because some parents are too lazy to look after their own kids.


KBG are my initials. Just so you know.