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the page cannot be displayed

The internet is not cooperating with me today, neither at work or at home.

Someone please go leave a (possibly human, virgin if possible) sacrifice at the altar of The Gods of Connectivity so I can get on with blogging.



You got it.

No, no, no. You need a goat, properly sacrificed on the keyboard, to appease the Gods. It's too hard to find a virgin these days.

Imperial Keeper

I'd send my autographed Brett Favre picture to appease you as well...but,uh, that's not gonna happen I think.

Standards have really dropped. Not only could I not find a virgin but I couldn't find even two wise men...

I started to post a serious comment, then realized I'd lost my sense of humor and erased it.

Good luck with your connectivity.

While you're at it, could you sacrifice one for me, too? I've got that damn worm implanted in my hard drive and I'm having no luck removing it. I can only get on the net at work right now, and I'm going through withdrawal at home...I might have to go out for entertainment!

heh...can't really help with the broken internet. I don't think I know any virgins, and I'm fresh out of goats.

Just wanted to tell you, though, that when I first looked at the title for this post, I saw "The rage cannot be displayed". Kind of appropriate around here... :)

Michele, are you neglecting your responsibilities of sacrificing small animals again? That worries me....

Only if you agree to do a sacrifice so I can get back to the UK in a timely manner.

Let's see... I'm a virgin, but you can't go around sacrificing me! That would put quite the crimp in my day I think.

Ah-HA! THAT's the cause of this whole "Blackout of 2003" mess! Your sacrifice obviously didn't make the technology gods happy. :-P

The internet and power grids are falling apart and sunidesus is worried that sacrificing her will put a "crimp in her day". What sort of selfish attitude is that - just let us sacrifice you, it's for the children after all :)