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nick cave brings out the worst in some cats

I love Ray Smuckles as if he were my own talking, typing pet. I adore his advice colum. I love Achewood.

But Ray has slung an arrow through my heart by dissing Nick Cave. So has Tim Blair. A double blow to my heart.

I suppose Nick Cave is one of those things in life that people either loathe with ubridled hatred or love with all their heart. Sort of like Courtney Love. Who, by the way, turns out to be Marlon Brando's grandaughter.


"Sort of like Courtney Love. Who, by the way, turns out to be Marlon Brando's grandaughter."

Somehow that makes a lot of sense.

I wouldn't even breathe nick cave's name in the same day as Courtney Love. She is the "grunge" equivalent of Britney Spears.

What's a Nick Cave?

I'm not sure I trust people who don't like Nick Cave.

I'm going to enjoy listening to Tender Prey tonight just to spite them. Not that they'll notice or anything. Oh nevermind.

maybe you have to want to be the girl he's singing about to like his songs. or maybe you have no soul.

Once upon a time, I found myself in the rear lounge of Courtney Love's tour bus, speeding through the Texas night while Her Majesty blasted Nick Cave's "Tender Prey" at ear-splitting volume. This was when I began to truly hate them both.


I forgot to gloat....er....mention that I saw Nick Cave in San Francisco back in June. I thought about you on the way to the concert.

Nick looks like an older version of Sam Rockwell. Or at least he does from about 20 feet away. :)

Funny - he doesn't do anything to me either way. Not great, not horrible, just - eh.