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thongs and panties and boxers, oh my!

[You're tired of my whining, aren't you? I'll take a break from my angst and wallowing and get to something ridiculous instead]

I bet you had no idea that today is National Underwear Day.

kermie.jpgStarting a national day when underwear will take center stage is a daunting task, so we need some help from you. Freshpair.com wants you to join the leagues of "seeable" underwear wearers on August 13th by showcasing a bit of your underwear. You can show your support simply by leaving a shirt button undone, exposing your undergarments.

Now, I consider this a good thing, though I normall scoff at people who walk around, Britney Spears style, with their thong sticking out of their low-rise jeans, or guys whose boxers are sticking out of their pants.

But we could all use a frivilous, silly holiday. Let's show our support for this day. It's only 2:30 in the afternoon, which leaves you plenty of time to get into the spirit of things by letting your undies peek out of your pants a bit or flashing a complete stranger so you can show off that multi-colored bra. I mean, Sponge Bob walks around in his tighty whities, so why can't we be as proud of our undergarments?

Let's see those unmentionables! Send me a safe for work picture of your boxers emerging from your waistband or your bra strap slipping down your shoulder. Pull that thong up a bit and show us what you're made of. Take those Spiderman underoos out of your drawer and snap a shot of them.

Ok, if you're camera shy you can just take part in the great debate. Boxers, briefs of commando, guys? Panties, thongs or grandma-style bloomers, ladies?

Then join the thousands of voices and sign the petiton to make August 13th National Underwear Day and finally give this fine a month a holiday to call its own.

UPDATE: I've got Tanya's panties right here. Yea, baby.


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It already has a holiday - my birthday, August 2. You think it needs more?

I think we should combine the two - every August, people should celebrate National Underwear Day by sending me underwear for my birthday. Does "underwear" include "all lingerie"? Does Victoria's Secret have wish lists?

Today is also national left handed person day

How did FOXNEWS get a picture of ME in my underwear?


it's not me, but he's wearing my brand & style.

Oops! Forgot to wear underwear. That's okay, i'm not wearing pants either. Woohoo!

George! And just this morning when I took this really ratty pair out of the drawer and contemplated chunking them right in the trash and thought, oh heck, they ain't yet quite that bad and ain't no one gonna see 'em anyway and now you tell me I gotta display this George-awful ratty pair of holey briefs to the whole world to see? This just ain't been my day!

<a href="http://www.agedandconfused.com/archives/undies.jpg" Here's my contribution. You knew it was coming, didn't you? ;)

Underwear. Pssshhhh. That's so yesterday.

...'cause today is wash day and, well....

I wanted to join in the debate but while I was in the shower this morning, Dog ate my bloomers. Can we postpone it for a day or two?

No debate. Boxer-briefs. The most comfortable things in the world. Hurrah!

I don't like the fact that I, as a non-underwear wearing person, am being discriminated against by you clothed people! I demand a "Commando" or "Freeball" day!

Denounce the trouser tyranny! DOWN WITH THE BLOOMER HEGIMONY!

that's kinda weird... Joanie volunteered to be interviewed and my first question:

1. What style and color of underwear do you prefer and why?

and now I find this post.... whoa...

anyways, high-rise briefs.... you know, man-bikinis... they're just more comfortable and less ugly than tightie-whities



My tank top slid off a little and I flashed a bra strap at work, and I didn't even know I was supposed to!

Mmm superman underwear. I want some.

Lately I've been going w/o my undies (far more comfy) but I stick with granny undies unless I wanna feel sexy-- then it's thong time-- yah know--- the ones with the little bow and lace...LOL

Dance belt.

those kermit underwear? i own a pair. they came from hot topic :)

Regrettably I'm one of those commando guys... Maybe I could go grab my one pair of boxers though - Looney Tunes boxers with a patch of the Tasmanian Devil! Hehehehehe

i love underwear it gives me a sense of completion, no?

Can you tell me where you found the Superman g-string? I would love to have a pair!!!!

im a guy and i wear a thong, i think most women wear thongs to feel sexy, I think its mostly a clothes fetish. I dont see any problam with it!! I wish they would make more underwear that was sexy for guys.

i'am a guy and i where thongs too. and i'm not gay

i like to show off my boxers n thongs i get turned on girls like to smack my ass

i love to look at the girl in front of me in 7th hour class that has this nice THONG on it is so nice because she wheres one every day and i love it i look at it all hour that is why i am geting a F in that class but it is worth siting be hind her i am in 9th grade That is why i love thongs

U need to gwt liad man shit lol that shit wa like 7th 8th mabbe later u'll under stand u wont be surrounded by pussy all around when u gradyate

i love to show off my thong to men, its my thing