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fair and mentally unbalanced

Behind every idiotic lawsuit is an asshole with an agenda. This time, the asshole is none other than Bill O'Reilly.

FOX NEWS star Bill O'Reilly lobbied his network to file suit against author Al Franken and his upcoming book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right," top sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

"For Bill, above all other things, this was a matter of honor and support," a top source explained from New York.

In the battle of who could care less, O'Reilly wins the asshole award in this story hands down.

Now, what about that title could possibly make O'Reilly thinks this is a case of defending honor? Oh, there's this...

In his book, Franken directly challenges O'Reilly on his journalistic record and aggressively accuses cable's top-rated host of exaggeration, padding of his resume and other claims.

Well, of course. O'Reilly couldn't sue Franken for saying O'Reilly is a lousy reporter and interviewer, because, well, he is. So he decided to use his employer to "get even" with Franken.

Basically, this has nothing to do with the phrase fair and balanced at all. It's more about one man's bloated ego and (ok two men's bloated egos), and a child-like game where two kids tweak each other's feelings until one cries uncle.

If O'Reilly is really hurt over Franken's words, perhaps he should have sued for libel. Granted, he wouldn't win that one, either, but he would not have made his employers look like such asses.

UPDATE: Cats and dogs! Eating together! I'm actually going to take part in something that Atrios is involved in: Friday is Fair and Balanced day on the internet, by decree of Neal Pollack.


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I take the optimistic view. This'll also raise O'Reilly's ratings, leading CNN to wave a big wad of cash under his nose, and he'll jump ship.

Franken should get together with Joel Stein over at Time magazine to write a book. I don't care what the title would be, so long as it says "Written by Franken/Stein."

And why do I get the feeling that one, or variations on that one, have probably already been done to death when it comes to Franken's name? Oh well, better to be late to the party than not at all.

I used to think that Franken was very funny and witty. Now I look back at those early Saturday Night Live skits and Frankly, I'm puzzled.

The sad truth is that a good number of people form their political view based on stand-up and skit comedy.

Oops. Off topic. Sorry.

Thousands of idiotic lawsuits every day. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with them directly. Spike TV anyone?

God Bless The Drudge Report

O'Reilly inadvertantly disclosed his true motives on today's "Radio Factor" show. Discussing this specific case O'Reilly said (paraphrasing) "in situations like this you have to sue, that way, even if he (Franken) wins, he loses" because of legal fees.

Someone news outlet should get that sound bite out.

Franken is an idiot. His entire career is based on attacking the biggest right wing target du jour with namecalling and insults, never once offering a logical or well thought out arguement to thier stances. Even reading his name on a book cover is a waste of time. That being said...
The funny part is that in the press release about the lawsuit, Fox claims that they originally created FoxNews to counter the liberal bias of the other news outlets. Based on that statement alone, Franken would do better to counter-sue Fox for false advertising by using the "fair and balanced" line. Personally, I like the bias FoxNews has, but that's just me, and I'm not nearly braindead enough to think they are "calling it down the middle".

Bill, I once saw Roger Ailes being interviewed and his take was that since the major news networks and other cable news stations slant left, FoxNews slant right 'balances' out the others and that's why it's 'fair.'

I kid you not. I can't remember who it was. Russert or somebody else, but he said that they are fair and balanced because they're reporting the same things, just not with a liberal bias.

michele and others;

no al franken or fox news fan here...

but in regards to the silly suit...you might want to join in on the fun to make use of the term "fair and balanced" in some creative way on friday.

Looks like Fox and Franken have taken a page out of the old WWF playbook.Whats next the Death Cage?

LGH: That would be a "Hell in the Cell"...

We should combine two quests for a sense of humour together. Accordingly use "fair and balanced" and put it in a poem for poetry.com using Dave Barry's "the dog ate mother's toes."



He wanted a fair and balanced diet,
so the dog ate mother's toes.

See how that works?

A different Bill says: "Franken is an idiot. His entire career is based on attacking the biggest right wing target du jour with namecalling and insults, never once offering a logical or well thought out arguement to thier stances. Even reading his name on a book cover is a waste of time."

First off, Franken is a humorist, not a pundit or a journalist. It's not his job to offer "logical or well thought out arguments"; it's his job to be funny, and the way he chooses to be funny is to make fun of conservatives. Now, you may not find that amusing, but it's silly to say that he's an idiot for not making rational arguments.

Just for fun, though, let's take your comment and apply it to someone who is supposed to be a pundit and serious commentator:

"Coulter is an idiot. Her entire career is based on attacking the biggest left wing target du jour with namecalling and insults, never once offering a logical or well thought out arguement to thier stances. Even reading her name on a book cover is a waste of time."

Now that makes some sense. ;-)

"First off, Franken is a humorist, not a pundit or a journalist."

So is Limbaugh, but that doesn't stop the left from bashing him like he's serious.

I'm in, Michele. Already changed the name of my weblog.

But I added Spike to the mix, in honor of Spike Lee's idiotic lawsuit against Spike TV.

I for one intend to always remain "Bare and phallused".

[It's late, couldn't resist]

DiVERSiONZ is now Fair & Balanced and straight off the hizzle fo' shizzle dizzle.

Maybe the reason people don't usually view Limbaugh as a humorist is because his hateful attacks aren't actually funny.

But, I do find it funny that so many idiots not only take him seriously but call themselves "dittoheads". Which means, they have no brains to call their own, so they latched onto someone else's (small though it is).

what do you mean "never once offering a logical or well thought out arguement" I think when Al called O'reilly a liar it was pretty well thought out. The fact that O'reilly tried to edit the transcripts before claiming 'he never said it" , is just way too funny, O'reilly deserves the red ass of all red asses and I think (hope) his frivolous lawsuit will give him and his employers at faux just that.