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a 9/11 tea party

Thanks to my friends at Indymedia, I've been able to find some other people who will be commemorating the anniversary of 9/11 with umm..actions.

The 1st one, the simulcast screenings of AFTERMATH speaks for itself. For those of you who can plan a screening of AFTERMATH please visit here.If you would like more info on what AFTERMATH is, please visit here

The 2nd action is the brain-child of Barb Honneger who is at the forefront of researchers on the 911 Truthalliance list-serv. What we are doing is taking FACTS about 9-11 and placing them on "DOTS". The intention is to "CONNECT THE DOTS" as to what really happened. On 9-11-03 This will be done in Boston, and the "DOTS" will be thrown into the Boston Harbor, reminiscent of the Revolutionary Boston Tea Party.
I provided those links so you can watch the clips, get aggravated and write about it. Misery loves company.

The author of the above will be participating in this event. In New York City.

And this just all proves my point that the moonbats of the far left don't give a crap about anyone but themselves. They might think it's smart and clever to initiate these "actions" on September 11th. Personally, I think it just shouts louder than any protest sign ever could that they are selfish, ignorant cretins.

If I personally witness just one person using the anniversary of 9/11 as a sounding board for their hatred for Bush or their conspiracy fairy tales, I will not be held responsible for what I may do to them.

On the other hand, these "actions" taken by the bats are increasingly resembling pre-school craft projects. Blunt scissors, everyone!


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You may be on to something here,because I think they may have eaten a little too much paste.

I agree these people are idiots, but no one is gonna pay the slightest attention to them , or take them seriously.

I'm more concerned about the plans to use the Ground Zero site and the 9/11 anniversary as backdrops for the 2004 Republican convention. This ain't a partisan issue for me - I think safeguarding the integrity of the day is something we all should take seriously, and we should not allow ANYONE - moonbats, lefties, Greenies, Righties, Bushies - to hijack the date to further ANY agenda besides mourning and honoring the victims.

I am concerned, however, that some might take offense at these actions and possibly resort to violence. It should be made known that the government will levy heavy fines against anyone hitting these idiots.

I suggest $0.25 each. Prepayable, like a phone card. ;-)

Yes, and it should be 100% tax deductible, too. Put me down for $1000 in prepaid moonbat batting, please.

I'm waiting to see what kind of littering charge the moonbats get for throwing crap into Boston Harbor. Then they'll get to protest about their "freedom of speech" being stifled, and have their rich parents bail them out.

I agree with JasonD's point. Given only two alternatives, I would rather simultaneously commemorate and think about 9/11 than to exploit it for partisan gain. I recognize some of the names on the Aftermath list as completely outside-the-system (for lack of a better term) "conspiracy theorists".

The questions they are asking, apart from the timing of the event, are being by the Independent 9/11 Commission (which includes family members of 9/11 victims), which the Administration originally opposed. I may not agree with their answers.

As for Ken/Dave comments, let's not revisit the asinine and counterproductive "2×4" discussion again, even if in jest.


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