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modo does blogs

Maureen Dowd says it's over. Blogging is like, so yesterday, because all the big boys are doing it now.

The most telling sign that the Internet is no longer the cool American frontier? Blogs, which sprang up to sass the establishment, have been overrun by the establishment.

Mo, honey, if we went by that theory then we could say that OpEd columns are no longer cool because they've been overrun by idiots like you and Morford who like to spew out sentences such as In a lame attempt to be hip, pols are posting soggy, foggy, bloggy musings on the Internet.

MoDo also uses the phrase spewing out canned meanderings when referencing Howard Dean's blog. Now there's a case of the blowhard dullard calling the canned meander boring. Or something like that.


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Morford (MoFo?) has never got over his fascination with sex toys, and MoDo has never got over her fascination with high school popularity contests. Too bad they never married and produced lots of little MoRons.

WHEW! What a relief. Now that it's no longer hip and cutting edge to have a blog, I can stop.

Anytime I want.


Thank you, Maureen Dowd, for clearing that up.


I like it. If I didn't, I wouldn't read it. If I don't rattle a few chains once in awhile, I might lose my place as the snarkiest blog. ;) I usually check here first because it gets my brain cranked into first gear ... sometimes. My credit card is maxed though. Maybe later! ;)

MoDo, lol I like it. Most of her articles are worse than Gigli, but I am going to have to agree with the premise of the article. Those politicos weblogs are laughable. I am not sure that it shows the decline of the internet but from what I have seen, they are boring, veiled political campaigning. Like I even care what these people are doing from day to day.

We are not pleased, we hereby banish all blogs from the relm, to the land from which they cometh.
Yes, tremble before Modo. Thou shalt never be invited to the parties I attend. Thou shalt never have thy mug spread out across the op-ed page, such as I. I shall close my eyes and ye shall vanish!


MoDo arguing that blogging is "over" because of the candidates doing it would be like saying marriage is "over" 'cause the gays want to do it. And we know she would never make THAT argument...

And Morford may be obsessed with sex toys, but not to the point that Frank Rich is obsessed with porn...

MoDo is just plain late to the party. Blogging was "over" the day I started mine.

I really hate MoDo

My meanders are never canned.

Frozen, yes — sometimes you can see the freezer burn right on them — but they're never canned.

she does suck but its the best article of hers i've read. I didn't see it as an attack on blogs, but a little snipe at the politician blogs.

Maureen Dowd is such a twit. Rummy, Condi, Wolfie... all the buddy-buddy nicknames make me sick, all the pretentious "I'm an insider" tricks that just make her look (more) stupid. And then there's the actual columns -- maybe 30 percent of the time, she actually makes a clear argument and has a point. Pity me, for I have to write headlines for this shit twice a week.