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on rall: the answer

Jim Treacher has discovered the hidden meaning in Rall's comic which is, of course, the hidden meaning in everything Rall prints, draws or says.


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HOWLING! Good one, Jim.

I did not find that through a quick scan on his blog. Maybe I did not know into which crack to look. Maybe my brain synapses took the day off. Maybe I am asleep and this is all a bad dream. Maybe my entire life is just an illusion, and the writer in whose story I am the main character had writer's block today and was just putting down anything he could think of. Maybe I didn't just write all of this. Maybe I did. Maybe you care. Maybe you don't. Maybe I should just cancel this comment. Maybe I won't.

Maybe it was the second link.

Did he take it down or something? I'm not seeing it.

Doh. I'm stooopid.

Standing ovation for Treacher!

Funny. But as a Republican, I would be saying the same damn thing for the last 3 1/2 years if it had all worked out in Gore's favor, and we know Rush Limbaugh would be too along with many others on the right.

So what does it mean?

I think it is just mocking, I guess, the Administration's unwillingness to criticize S.A.'s support of terrorism against us. Which was especially pathetic after the "you're with us or you're with the terrists [sic]" bravado spouted by our tough guy President who is only against "terrism" when it's convenient for him to be or to make a big political splash in so doing.

It's a stupid comic, and very disrespectful to those lost in the towers and elsewhere on 9/11--because last time I checked the President and the Administration were not in the tower so if the caption is supposed to be coming from them...it misses. But what do we expect from Rall?

Other than that, it's the best art he has displayed evah--usually, as Michele points out his drawing is a lot like my 3rd graders.

Oh ya, United We Stand and all that.

I guess we can all speak for ourselves... but I think if the roles were reversed, there'd be a lot fewer non-democrats claiming that Gore "isn't our president" or any such thing. Sure, there'd be some, there are ALWAYS some... but I like to think that it'd be fewer. I know I wouldn't be in that camp... besides, going back that far only shows that they can't argue current policy with enough potency to be salient in the national debate. I know Gore would've given us plenty of ammo that we'd have long forgotten the election.

I heart Jim Treacher.

I don't get it... is one of the terrorists saying that?

I've seen sore losers before, but this takes the cake.


if things were exactly as they happened, with ALL mechanical counts going to Bush and Al Gore 'winning' through some counting shenanigans--as was repulsively obvious during the damned election, revisionist media notwithstanding, there would have been quite a lot of Republican ire--but, had the situation
been reversed, with Gore taking the mechanical recount-ALL of them--the situation most likely wouldn't have happened at all.

Republicans, for whatever reason, don't play the power-at-any-cost game. This is why you see high ranking party member who have wildly diverging opinions on major topics, like abortion, civil rights, foreign policy, etc.--something you don't see within the Democrat monolith save at election time--and then only to feign differences for primary reasons.

I suspect Rall will always be the man who cried "Bush stole the election". Even if he is trying to actually make a valid statement in that comic, it doesn't matter much. Still sounds like "wolf" to the rest of us. :)

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