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My brother-in-law won some kind of business card raffle. The prize was a bowling party for 100 of his closest friends.

That would be about 20 adults and 80 kids and that's where we are headed tonight.

I'm hoping to get my average up to at least a 50 so I can brag to Jane.

Or maybe I'll just sit around drinking White Russians and quoting The Big Lebowski.

At any rate, I'm done here until the morning. Maybe.


I'd go for the "Lebowski" option.

"Easy, easy! There's a beverage involved here!"


"The dude abides"

100 people? Make at least one show up in a pink jumper with a hairnet and call him Jesus for the night...

eighty kids? there were three brats on the plane and i just about killed them.

in any case though...have fun?!?!?

I was just gonna say 80 kids in a bowling alley . . . , but then saw Rachel said it with less words.

bowling. heh. i swear i don't even know where to find an alley in oc.

80 kids?!

"Calmer than you, dude."

Pffffft......*I* am secure in my bowling skin.

I guess it would be a little contrived to use a Lebowski quote here, since everyone else already did it...

F%@k it dude, Let's go bowl.

80 kids? I would be shooting Tequila.