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Just as I was complaining that I haven’t heard anything about memorials schedule for September 11, 2003, Mayor Bloomberg’s office announces the plans for that day.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Governor George E. Pataki today announced New York City’s plans to commemorate the second anniversary of the September 11th attack. As with last year’s commemoration, the City’s observance will take place at the World Trade Center site on the morning of Thursday, September 11th. Children will have a large role in this year’s ceremony by reading the names of the victims and performing music throughout the program.

The children who will read those names are all related to the victims of 9/11. I can’t imagine that this will be anything but hard for them. I don’t even know if I can bring myself to watch that portion of the ceremony.

At sundown, the “Tribute in Light” will return for one night as a tribute to the memory of those lost and a symbol of the spirit of the great City of New York. The “Tribute in Light” will be brought back each year for one night on September 11th.

I’m glad to see the lights will come back. It’s a beautiful, quiet tribute to those who died. I saw the lights last year as comfort in the skies; better than another star-studded rendition of God Bless America or the reading of the Gettysburg Address.

Last year, I began to feel a sense of calm after the memorial services.

From September 12, 2002: Is it weird that I feel some closure now? I think the spirits of September 11 stayed with me so long because while I was reliving the events of that day, I was also dreading the anniversary of it.I watched a lot of tv yesterday, I read a lot of weblogs, I cried a whole bunch. And when I woke up today, I found a lot of the despair and anguish I had been feeling lately had left me. Perhaps it was reading all of the stories, perhaps it was just getting another September 11 out of the way.

Occasionally, as evidenced here, that despair and anguish do come back, but to a lesser degree. Perhaps the passing of another year will soothe the anguish even more but it will never disappear completely. The anger will never, ever go away. But I can view each September 11th that rolls around as another year I have lived and learned and remembered. Another year that we have held the lion at bay. I only get angry when I see people using 9/11 as a rallying point for their anti-American causes, or to fuel the fire of their conspiracy theories.

“This will be the second time that we as friends, as families, and as one community, will gather to remember a tragic day which has become synonymous with not only great sorrow and loss, but also courage and resilience. Our intent is to hold a ceremony that is simple and powerful and that honors the memory of those lost, so we can remember and reflect. Forever mindful of the grief still felt by the families, and our desire to honor the heroes of that day, we plan to mark this anniversary as a day of remembrance and pride, but equally as a day on which we turn toward the future. In keeping with that, we will ask our children to take the lead in the ceremony. It is in them that the spirit of our City lives on.”

Indeed. We do have a future to look forward to. We hope it is a peaceful one and that the images and emotions and victims of 9/11 will stay in our hearts and minds always so we can stay true to our resolve to never let it happen again.

I’ll take that day off from work, as I did last year. I’ll go to the cemetery and visit Pete Ganci, as I did last year. And I’ll probably cry and talk to Faith often and hug my children and hope for the best.

I’m looking forward to the comfort of the lights.


Hi Michele,

Wanted to bring this to your attention, from the local D.C. television affiliate for ABC:



I agree, the lights are fantastic- but one thing I want to know is this:

Why the hell isn't there a taller tower(s?) being erected in their place right now, as a testament to the American Spirit and a big "Fuck You!" to the terrorists?

Someone needs to cut through the shit, select a triuphant design, and get the ironworkers going. No more of this pity-me and political infighting bullshit. Make one corner a memorial, and the rest a symbol.

Of course, it might not be such a bad idea to put an Anti-Aircraft missile battery on the roof, and maybe a couple of phalanx cannons....

Well, that was my rant/ $0.02 of the day.

I'll second those hugs.

And I'm not sure how I'll be able to get through that day myself.

Let us never ever forget that day. I too have lost a dear friend. I have recently visited his bodiless "grave" in an effort to find closure. How unsettling...let the lights shine bright as they are a comforting reminder that we have not forgotten.

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