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on rall

Spoons says I was being ambiguous about my Ted Rall post and he's right. I was purposely not saying much, waiting to see the reaction from everyone else.

I agree with Rall, to a point. Yes, I said I agree with Ted Rall. Hell may freeze over.

However, as always with Rall, he presents his point in a rather tasteless and over-the-top manner. There were probably a million other ways to express this view without engaging in the shock-and-awe method that is his standard.

We should not be dealing with the Saudis in the manner we are. We need to cut off all of our ties with them and recognize them for what they are: terrorists and terrorist funders.

That said, I still must chastise Rall for choosing to use such a horrifying image to make his point. He seems to thrive on throwing 9/11 in our faces and regardless of the statement he is putting across, he never, ever states his issue with the decorum that 9/11 deserves.

Rall is, and will always remain, a tasteless, talentless hack.


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While Rall is often in bad taste, it strikes me that we make a mistake by going too far in the opposite direction. When was the last time you saw the 9/11 images on TV, for example? 9/11 was unquestionably the defining moment of our generation -- and it's completely taboo to show the images that changed our country forever.

Rall's cartoon is in bad taste. 9/11 was in bad taste. What could be in worse taste than murdering 3000 people in an hour? Images like the one Rall uses are indeed shocking and offensive. Good. I'm concerned that too many Americans (including those in the the White House and in the State Department) are insufficiently shocked and offended by Saudi complicity with terror.

The more I look at this cartoon, the more I unequivocally support it.

I must admit that I misread the cartoon when I first saw it. I didn't really attach the dialog bubble to anything and Rall was making the statement that the Saudis were paying us to look the other way. Now I have no idea what Rall was trying to say. I have to agree with Spoons though. 9/11 shouldn't be some taboo subject we never bring up. We should get slapped in the face with it every single time we start to slip into complacency. It's the modern era Pearl Harbor, and like we've never forgotten that, we should never forget this.

And though I don't really think Rall is saying this, 9/11 should make us reevaluate our relationships with everyone. In a lot of cases we should have been kicking some ass instead of shaking hands, the Saudis being a prime example.

This cartoon is no better than the Frog's "Windows on the World" book.