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discuss amongst yourselves

While I hit the traffic -

Ted Rall's latest comic:

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Sometimes there are just no words... :\

It's really, really hard to discuss something while seething with anger.

God help me. I think I actually agree with the message of a Ted Rall cartoon.

Hmm. A sign that going after Bush for not being tough on the Saudis may be something the Left has figured out is a good idea?

Of course, it'll only work if they have an actual proposal for how to deal with the Saudis...

first of all, why does Saudi suddenly seem to be a hot issue? these guys haven't changed their tune in decades. why do we suddenly feel a need to address this like we found flight manuals in the saudi embassy? ya'll are assuming we're doing NOTHING. fraid that isn't the case. we're in the middle of a total military withdrawl. something that is pissing them off BIG time. our policy and posture with them in reguards to terrorism and such will take a much more aggresive tone once we've fully removed a bulk of our troops from their soil. and no, we can't just get up and leave. that's what they want. why? cuz they want all the shit in our bases there. we're taking our time getting out because we're taking all our stuff with us and we want to do it proper.

enhance your calm folks.

Makes me grind my teeth. All fanatic fundamentalist Islamist come on down to my house for a short visit with Ohio justice. I don't care what country you come from. You will not destroy us even if you live among us.


I'm at the opposite end of the continuum from Spoons, I rarely agree with Ted Rall, and we both agree with the message of this piece.

Hell just froze over.

And Dean, "the left" and people like Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute figured it out ages ago. Glad you're on board.

I guess I am ignorant, but how does someone looking out the window of a tall building standing next to one that another plane has crashed into and seeing a plane heading right toward him/her give one iota of a shit about what effect the crash will have on anything but his/her own ass? I dunno, but I think whatever the message was, it should have been done with a bit of taste.

I get the point, and agree with it pretty much. But it's difficult still for me to view the WTC attack as an icon to use for making a point. Every single day of my life I see the hole in the sky where the towers used to be. I still smell the odor of ash and bodies from when I visited the site in Thanksgiving week 2001. I don't have the distance to appreciate that kind of cartoon. I don't know that I ever will.

Tasteless. Simply tasteless.

Ted keeps coming back to 9/11 because he can't manage to wrap his head around it. He's trying to say here that the only concern of the person in the tower was the relationship with the Saudi's, as if that's more important than the deaths of 3,000 innocent people.

Y'know what? I'll let him slide on this one. He's helping to whip the left AND the right into a frenzy about those damned Saudi Arabian Terror Enablers. This is a good thing, as it's already been noted that we will be in the best position, both strategically and politically, that we have in the past 2 decades to deal with this rot.

Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't it strike you as odd that the President is being pushed to deal with SA by the same folks that have been screaming we need to keep our hands out of the Middle East?

At least it didn't require him to draw faces or hands.

concerning the picture I'm with susanna. He makes a good point, but using 9-11 for it is somewhat disturbing.

@datarat: The Saudis have a clear connection to 9-11. hence "dealing" with them (by whatever means) is clearly a part of the WoT which is pretty universally supported, see for example Afghanistan.

That's just crass.

Of course, the second GWB announced any measures against the Saudis that even hinted at possible military action, the gang of idiots from earlier this year would be puking and pooping on the sidewalks again, and whining about the "fascist" tactics of the police. The main difference this time, of course, is a lot of them would be holding up "Vote for Dean" signs in between excretions.