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work it

I finally did something I said I was going to do months ago. I joined a gym. Today was my first day.

Man, am I out of shape.

I'm headed for Japanese food with three 13 year old girls. And then they're all sleeping over.

Pass the valium.


WTG on the gym!! Have fun lunching out with the girls ;)

Tomorrow, you'll be sore. But don't worry, it gets worse.

Sleepover, eh?

You're doomed.

Hey, being sore is good. Means the muscle fibers have torn and are busily repairing themselves and growing bigger.

I'm sorry, but I can't help but read Steve of Norway's comment above in the voice of Hans or Franz. "JAH!! Pain is GOOD! You don't want to be a little girly couch potato, DO YOU?"


Hey, I too just joined a gym. I absolutely killed my triceps the first time back. I feel your pain (literally, I guess).

I thought "round" was a shape?