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are you there god? it's me, the pope

I've had this raging headache for the past three days, thanks to the creepy weather around these parts. But you don't see me beseeching any powerful beings that may or may not exist to bring me relief.

It's really nice of the Pope to pray for rain to pour over England. I don't want to be the one to break it to him that the weather doesn't answer to a higher being. In fact, I'm convinced that weather is a higher being and it's mighty pissed off about something.

Just out of curiosity, isn't there something better the Pope can be using his special prayer privileges for than relieving the Brits of heat? Just stick some ice cubes down your pants and call in your favors for more important things. Like getting Ariana Huffington to shut up.

I've got a bad case of mind rot today. I apologize to all those Catholics who are offended by the preceding and I will refrain from making any jokes about the Pope's hat, weiner mobile or altar boys.


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I love it when you make Winer jokes...

Oops my bad, I thought this post was about Dave. Substitute Dave and RSS for Pope and Rain and it becomes a Winer bashing post! What fun...

Okay, I'll make the joke.

How do you get a nun pregnant?

Dress her up as an altar boy!



Who says the Pope isn't praying for other things as well?

Honey, if you can get Arianna Huffington to shut up, you are God.

Have you been reading FARK? Their headline for this story is, "Are you there god? It's me, Europe". Perhaps FARK has been reading your site?

I'm reminded of the Ron Goulart novel, "After Things Fell Apart". It depicts a disunited America, where every state of the country has gone their own way.

New Jersey is run by the Mafia, naturally, so they decide to get a little class, and hire a cardinal(Italian, naturally) to fill the new job of being the Pope of Jersey.

Favorite line from the book:

"How do you do, miss? I-ma da Pope."

there's plenty he can pray for... like fewer child molester priests... and lower settlements for the kids that his priests have already damaged.

Come to think of it.. perhaps he should pray for bankruptcy protection for the Church in general.

It may say that he's praying for rain over England, but really what is meant is that he's praying for rain for London. England's getting rain, London ain't and its starting to stink.


after seeing that Jim Carrey movie, does praying even matter?

The last time god made it rain, people needed an ark. Instead, pray for rain over France.